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Advent: December 1st

Wednesday of the First Week of Advent; Bl. Charles de Foucauld

Today is the feast of Blessed Charles Eugène de Foucauld, a French Catholic religious and priest, who lived among the Tuareg in the Sahara in Algeria. He was assassinated in 1916 outside the door of the fort he built for the protection of... More

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Advent: November 30th

Feast of St. Andrew, Apostle

St. Andrew was a native of Bethsaida in Galilee, a fisherman by trade, and a former disciple of John the Baptist. He was the one who introduced his brother Peter to Jesus, saying, "We have found the Messiah." Overshadowed henceforth by... More

Advent: November 29th

Monday of the First Week of Advent

Advent is the time for renewal or repentance for the coming of Christ. "Interior repentance is a radical reorientation of our whole life, a return, a conversion to God with all our heart, an end of sin, a turning away from evil, with... More

Advent: November 28th

First Sunday of Advent

For Catholics, the new Liturgical Year commences with the first Sunday of Advent. In this new Liturgical Year, the Church not only wishes to indicate the beginning of a period, but the beginning of a renewed commitment to the faith by all... More

Sunday: a day of rest.

Ordinary Time: November 27th

Saturday of the Thirty-Fourth Week in Ordinary Time

Traditionally in some regions the feast of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal is celebrated today, commemorating when Our Lady appeared to St. Catherine Laboure and showed her the images of the medal she wished to have made. Also,... More

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Ordinary Time: November 26th

Friday of the Thirty-Fourth Week in Ordinary Time

According to the previous liturgical calendar (1962), today is the feast of St. Sylvester, Abbot. He was the son of a lawyer and had also studied law before becoming a canon in his native town of Osimo. He was a zealous and fervent... More

Ordinary Time: November 25th

Thursday of the Thirty-Fourth Week in Ordinary Time; Optional Memorial of St. Catherine of Alexandria, Virgin and Martyr; Thanksgiving Day (USA)

From time immemorial St. Catherine had been venerated at the monastery on Mount Sinai when, in the fifteenth century, the monks discovered her body. Legend has made of her a young Christian of Alexandria who rejected the advances of the... More

Ordinary Time: November 24th

Memorial of St. Andrew Dung-Lac, Priest, and and Companions, Martyrs

Today the Church celebrates the memorial of St. Andrew Dung-Lac, priest and martyr, and companions, martyrs. St. Andrew was one of 117 people who were martyred in Vietnam between 1820 and 1862. The last of the martyrs were 17 laypersons,... More

Ordinary Time: November 23rd

Tuesday of the Thirty-Fourth Week in Ordinary Time; Optional Memorials of St. Clement I, Pope & Martyr; St. Columban, Abbot; Bl. Miguel Pro, Priest and Martyr (USA)

St. Clement is the third successor of St. Peter who ruled the Church from c. 92 to 102 and is mentioned in the Canon of the Mass. Pope St. Clement wrote a letter to the Corinthians, which is one of the most ancient and precious documents... More

Ordinary Time: November 22nd

Memorial of St. Cecilia, Virgin and Martyr

Today the Church celebrates the memorial of St. Cecilia, virgin and martyr. St. Cecilia is one of the most famous and most venerated of Roman martyrs. Her body was discovered in 822 and transferred to the title church that bears her name... More

Ordinary Time: November 21st

Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe

The Feast of Christ the King was established by Pope Pius XI in 1925 as an antidote to secularism, a way of life which leaves God out of man's thinking and living and organizes his life as if God did not exist. The feast is intended to... More

Sunday: a day of rest.