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Archbishop Gänswein’s duties reduced after controversy over book

Archbishop Georg Gänswein has apparently been relieved of his duties as prefect of the pontifical household. After the German newspaper Tagepost reported that Archbishop Gänswein was...

Ugandan archbishop bans Communion in the hand

Archbishop Cyprian Lwanga of Kampala has announced reforms to “fend off abuses in the liturgical life of the Church.” The archbishop announced that reception of Communion in the hand will no longer be allowed, and Mass must be celebrated in churches rather than private homes. He also reminded Catholics who are living together outside marriage that they should not receive Communion.

Prosecutor opposes Cardinal Pell’s appeal

A prosecutor in Victoria, Australia, has urged the country’s top court to reject an appeal by Cardinal George Pell. Prosecutor Kerri Judd argued that the appeal “glosses over evidence” that supports the claims of the cardinal’s accuser. The cardinal’s lawyers have argued that both trial and appeals court ignored overwhelming evidence, relying entirely on the single testimony of the accuser.

Rhode Island priest bars pro-abortion politicians from Communion

A Catholic pastor in West Warwick, Rhode Island, has posted a list of local legislators who will not be allowed to receive Communion because of their support for legal abortion. Father Richard Bucci announced that “they will not be allowed to act as witnesses to marriage, godparents, or lectors...” as well. The Diocese of Providence issued a statement backing the pastor’s authority.

Minnesota priest apologizes for homily ‘hurtful to Muslims’

Archbishop Bernard Hebda also issued a statement after Father Nick VanDenBroeke preached, “We should not be allowing large numbers of Muslims asylum or immigration into our country” and described Islam as “the greatest threat in the world.”

China bans Christian funerals as new rules take effect

“Christian funerals have been banned in some areas of China as the communist government begins to enforce a set of repressive regulations on religious practices,” the report explains. “In the eastern province of Zhejiang, the government has put in force a set of Regulations on Centralized Funeral Arrangement, which bans priests from attending funeral prayers outside a religious place.”

Controversy in Mexico over ‘locked down’ cathedral wedding for drug lord’s daughter

“This has been one of many Achilles heels of the Mexican Church—its relationship with organized crime—in the last 30 years or so,” said Rodolfo Soriano-Nuñez of Fordham University. “Locking down the cathedral and pretty much giving it away gives very bad optics and forces one to raise all sorts of questions regarding the decision-making process.”

West Virginia priest silenced for criticism of Pontiff

Father Mark White, a pastor in Martinsville, has been ordered to refrain from public statements. His online criticism of the hierarchy’s response to the sex-abuse crisis had included a plea for Pope Francis to resign, and angry comments about the career of former cardinal McCarrick. He was ordered to silence by Bishop Barry Knestout of Richmond, a protege and former secretary of McCarrick.

Arab media leaders meet to ‘develop a media vision’ based on human fraternity document

Pope Francis and the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar signed the Document on Human Fraternity in Abu Dhabi in February 2019.

‘The sick person is not a number,’ Pope tells doctors, nurses, and administrators

“The sick person is not a number: he or she is a person who needs humanity,” Pope Francis said in an audience with the doctors, nurses, administrative staff, and managers of Gruppo Villa Maria Care and Research, an Italian healthcare company. Emphasizing closeness to patients, the Pope added, “The God of proximity became close in Jesus Christ: one of us. Proximity is the key to humanity and Christianity.”