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Exclusive: Archbishop Vigano answers criticism

In answer to questions from CWN editor Phil Lawler, Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano has issued a provocative new statement clarifying and expanding on his views on the doctrinal and pastoral problems...

Pope drops Hong Kong reference from Sunday talk

Pope Francis dropped a reference to Hong Kong, and a plea for religious freedom there, from the text of his message at his Sunday public audience on July 5. In a text that had been given to...

Vatican watchdog skips scandals in annual report

In his annual report, made public on July 3, the president of the Vatican’s Financial Information Authority (AIF) does not mention the October 1 police raid on the AIF offices, nor the abrupt...

Turkish high court puts Hagia Sophia’s future in Erdogan’s hands

Dedicated in 537, Hagia Sophia has been the cathedral of the Patriarch of Constantinople (until 1453), a mosque (until 1931), and a museum (since 1935).

Supreme Court victory for religious schools, educational choice

In a landmark victory for educational freedom, the US Supreme Court has disallowed a state scholarship program in Montana that excluded support for religious schools. In a 5-4 decision announced...

Composer David Haas faces multiple abuse complaints

David Haas, the musician and composer whose hymns have been featured in the “Gather” hymnal used in many Catholic parishes, faces multiple charges of sexual abuse. GIA Publications, which has published much of his work, has announced that it is suspending their relationship.

Cardinal Dolan warns against destruction of historical memory

“God forbid we’d go through a cultural revolution as China did five decades ago,” writes Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York in an op-ed column appearing in the Wall Street Journal. “Beware those who want to purify memories and present a tidy—and inaccurate—history.”

Little Sisters win 3rd Supreme Court victory

The US Supreme Court gave two victories for religious freedom on July 8, with separate rulings that confirmed the right of parochial schools to set their own standards for the employment of...

Catholic Charities leaders says Church is racist

“My Catholic Church and my Catholic Charities organization are racist,” said Rob McCann, the president of Catholic Charities in Eastern Washington. “Catholic Charities supports Black Lives Matter.” McCann—who has also served as vice-chairman of the board for Catholic Charities USA—said that the Church has contributed to the “institutionalization of racism” in America.

Vatican announces new document, ‘Journeying for the care of the common home’

Issued for the 5th anniversary of the papal encyclical Laudato si’, the 227-page document, drafted by the Holy See Interdicastery Table on Integral Ecology, was presented at a press conference on June 18 (video, transcript). The full text has not yet been published in English, though the Vatican has made available an overview.