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Explore stories from the first independent Catholic news service online: Catholic World News. Faithful to the Magisterium, responsible in reporting, and fiercely independent. Inside the Vatican and around the world since 1996.

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Discover insightful, balanced analysis and commentary from veteran Catholic leaders—through fine writing and great podcasts. No knee-jerk reactions here! Instead: well-reasoned perspective that will help you understand current issues, our Faith, and how to explain Truth to the culture around us.

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Our podcasts offer wonderful insights into the challenge of Catholic life. You can listen while doing other things, or even watch in video form. The flagship Catholic Culture Podcast features key interviews. Other podcasts cover the Church Fathers, the Vatican Film List, and Catholic audiobooks.

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Liturgical Year

Uncover the riches of the Catholic liturgical year and its role in helping members of the Church grow spiritually in their everyday lives. An action-packed calendar, saints' lives, prayers, activities, and even recipes are available for your benefit.

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Peruse this remarkable reference section: an extensive library, valuable Church documents, the Catechism, the Fathers of the Church, and a Catholic dictionary. Research whatever you want or NEED to know!

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