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Essays in Apologetics, Vol. I

Preliminary Topics: The Human Response to Truth

by Jeffrey A. Mirus Ph.D.

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Book Description

What initial territory needs to be cleared before we can effectively explain and defend our Faith? Dr. Jeff Mirus, who founded the apologetics program at Christendom College in addition to establishing Trinity Communications and, explores that question in this first volume of his ongoing apologetical essays. This collection includes essays from 2004 to 2011 which focus on preliminary issues: The disposition of the apologist, impediments to Faith, problems with how our contemporaries approach reality and deal with truth, modern attitudes toward science, and even the way we think of the Church.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction to Apologetics Volume I
  • Apologetics: First of All, I’d Like to Thank Myself
  • Friendly Persuasion
  • The Obligatory Nature of Truth
  • The Universality of Truth
  • I Know, and So Do You
  • Modern Knowledge
  • The Meaning of Newman’s Grammar of Assent
  • Slavery of the Mind: The Cultural Case against the Church
  • Enslaved by the Dictatorship of Relativism
  • Mindless Ways of Limiting God
  • How We Think
  • Evolution: Thinking Clearly about Randomness
  • Evolution and the Faith, Revisited
  • Eliminating the God of the Gaps to Make Room for God Himself
  • A New Apologetics
  • More Impediments
  • Revelation Sheds Light on Natural Law
  • Through a Glass Darkly
  • Apologetics and Faith: Different Convictions
  • Understanding Proselytism
  • The Implausible God Who Died
  • Eucharistic Astonishment
  • The Church Perfect