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Catholic Recipe: Confirmation Breakfast Sample Menus



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After a baptism, a confirmation, a first communion, or a morning wedding, a breakfast is usually served. Such a breakfast is really more like a luncheon, with three courses the general rule. It can be a buffet or a sit-down affair, as you choose.

The first three occasions are usually family affairs, with only a small number of guests, and the menus for these breakfasts have been planned for a group of 8 or 10 persons.


Fall or Winter Shrimp Bisque (see recipe)
Ham a la King on Corn Bread Squares (see recipe)
Buttered Baby Limas
Chicory and Sliced Stuffed Olive Salad
Raspberry Sherbet
Petits Fours (see recipe)

Spring or Summer Jellied Madrilene
Shrimp Vol-au-Vent (see recipe)
Petits Pois
Raw Relish Tray (Carrot Curls, Fringed Celery, Radish Roses, Black Olives, Stuffed Olives, Gherkins)
Strawberry Ice Cream
Lemon Wafers
Coffee (see recipe)
Tea (see recipe)

Recipe Source: Cook's Blessings, The by Demetria Taylor, Random House, New York, 1965