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Coming soon to a parish near you?

Count on it: there will be other similar efforts to do what the activists in Manhattan did: to celebrate sexual license and to ridicule the Catholic Church, which remains the most prominent institutional opponent to the unbridled satisfaction of lust.

Taking the grace of God in vain? Lent can help.

Even after we admit the truth of Christ and begin to pay attention to him in His Church, I am sure that most of us squander at least some of the graces we receive. Therefore, St. Paul’s plea, “We entreat you not to accept the grace of God in vain”, becomes a wonderful point for meditation during Lent.

Back-to-Basics Lenten Resolutions

Peter – even with his failures and sins – is the model of the Catholic hierarchy. Do not allow the sins of the hierarchy to distract us from our love for Holy Mother Church and her sacraments.

ICYMI: another consolidation of power in Rome

When the Council of Cardinals was created in 2013, Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga of Honduras was named as the group’s chairman (the official term was “coordinator”). He continued in that role until March of last year, when having passed his 80th birthday he retired. Nearly a year later, he...

St. Francis de Sales—Introduction to the Devout Life | Part 5 & Conclusion

"By that love He won for you all good things that you were ever to have, and amongst them your good resolutions."

Our Lady of Guadalupe and preparing the Americas for Christ

There is a poetic tradition in Mesoamerica stretches back many hundreds and perhaps even thousands of years. The very forms of expression traditionally used to refer to God, and the gods, and the paradise to which they held the key, made it difficult for the sixteenth-century Catholic missionaries to express Christianity clearly and effectively in ways that would not be confusing to the native peoples. Then everything changed.

173—Chastity, Integrity and the Desert Fathers—Bishop Erik Varden

Erik Varden, bishop of Trondheim, Norway as well as Trappist monk, joins the podcast to discuss his new book Chastity: Reconciliation of the Senses.

Media malpractice

The “green” policies are proposed on the basis of computer models and projections. The arguments against them can be reduced to a simple moral imperative: Feed the hungry.

The Ash Wednesday phenomenon

Why are inactive Catholics so anxious to display their allegiance to the faith— on this day of all days, when the message that the Church sends us is so grim?

4.6 The Heresies – The Enigma of Origen and Origenism

Whether Origen is considered a father of the Church, or a heretic, depends on whom you ask. But everyone agrees he may have been just a bit too smart for his own good. At best, he tried in vain to out-gnostic the gnostics, at worst, he was too influenced by gnosticism. The Fifth Ecumenical Council declared him a heretic. In this this episode, Dr. Papandrea gives evidence why Origen should not be considered a father of the Church, but should be considered a heretic, but in the end, you decide!

In the land of the living

To say that we are “the living” might suggest that other people are dead. But Pope Benedict is discussing the joy that those early Christians felt because of their confidence in eternal life. They were “living” in a way different from their pagan neighbors. They rejoiced in a life that could not be extinguished by death.

Entering Lent with Child-Like Love

Entering Lent with a child-like approach: joy, wonder, love. Not looking as privation, but an opportunity for deepening our love with Jesus.

Hypocrisy in opposition to Fiducia supplicans?

We use the term “love” to mean anything from sexual attraction to sacrificial self-giving. Marriage, of course, usually incorporates multiple aspects of the potential meaning of the word “love”, but I am pretty sure that everyone reading this understands that there is a great difference between sexual passion and authentic love, which always means willing the good of the one we love.

The Antibodies of Catholic Truth

The Mass celebrated with integrity provides the antibodies of truth that overcome every ideology threatening our faith and salvation.

On the nakedness and temerity of Job—and ourselves

A piety which assumes God offers material happiness to the righteous in this world, but punishes sinners, is common (though hardly exclusive) in the Old Testament. The same mistaken strain of piety runs through various brands of Protestantism, including the prosperity Gospel preached by televangelists. But Job continues to suffer while remaining steadfast in professing his own innocence. And he learns something new when he insists that God Himself answer his questions and judge his case fairly.

172—Fr. John Saward on turning away from von Balthasar, and on the invisible world of angels

The renowned English theologian Fr. John Saward makes his podcast debut to discuss his new book on angels, the role of art and beauty in his theological work, and his turn away from the theology of Hans Urs von Balthasar after years of studying and translating his works.

No, this isn’t a culture war

"Just as smoking a cigar is bad but puffing on a joint is OK, so spreading illnesses by being unvaccinated is evil while spreading disease through sexual indulgence is a mere technical problem."

St. Basil the Great—On the Right Use of Greek Literature

"... it is incumbent upon us, for the present, to trace, as it were, the silhouette of virtue in the pagan authors. For those who carefully gather the useful from each book are wont, like mighty rivers, to gain accessions on every hand."

A simple example of how apologetics works

Those who have made a careful study of apologetics have conveniently used three Greek terms to highlight the three keys to a successful defense of the Faith. The first is “ethos”—that is, the “trustworthy character” of the apologist. If those who defend the faith are cantankerous or mean-spirited, or indulge in cheap rhetorical tricks, or use various kinds of pressure, then they will not project a trustworthy character, and their audience is unlikely to give them a sincere hearing.

Liturgical Highlights: Carnival-Pre-Lent Edition

February 6-February 13 Liturgical Highlights: Lent begins in 1 1/2 weeks. Saints celebrated are Paul Miki, Japanese priest martyr, Jerome Emiliani, Josephine Bakhita, Scholastica, and Mardi Gras. Devotion to the Holy Face falls on the day before Ash Wednesday.

Godzilla Minus One, a profound appeal for a culture of life

You may be surprised to hear that one of the more morally profound new movies we’ve seen recently is a Godzilla reboot! Godzilla Minus One confronts the culture of death that dominated WWII-era Japan and its corruption of the idea of self-sacrifice, and shows how our sacrifices in war should be rightly ordered to preserving the value of human life rather than seeking a heroic death for its own sake.

Compassion and Gratitude

Note well: The administration of pain-killing morphine that unintentionally shortens life is compassionate. Spiking morphine, intending so-called mercy killing, is murder.

Free Liturgical Year Volume 3 Released: LENT

Our liturgical year ebooks include all the liturgical day information for each season just as it appears on These offer a rich set of resources for families to use in living the liturgical year in the domestic church. Resources include biographies of the saints to match each feast day, histories of the various celebrations and devotions, descriptions of customs from around the world, prayers, activities and recipes.

On playing the game of Common Good with a crooked deck

Call this Practical Social Principle 101: Organizations and movements which find themselves in opposition to Christ cannot promote the common good. Or let me put it in a more practical human way: Organizations and movements which, in carrying out their missions, reject or undermine the moral teachings of the Catholic Church, as known through Divine Revelation and the natural law, cannot promote the common good.

The dangerous Vatican enthusiasm for the WEF

Conspicuously missing from the WEF agenda— and, unfortunately, from the interventions by Pope Francis and Cardinal Turkson— was any discussion of the traditional principles of Catholic social teaching.

Competition as dialogue? A tennis player objects.

If you participate in an athletic contest, and you’re not trying to win, something is wrong. You may have reasons for failing to compete honestly, but whatever those reasons are, they are foreign to the game. Competition is, by definition, an effort to prevail.

Why we must pray for the Church, and one way to do it

Now, if we groan inwardly as we await our salvation, we must therefore struggle in union with all the members of the Church. Thus must we also pray unceasingly that the Church’s work may be completed in each one of us, even while recognizing that this great Church is made up here on earth solely of sinners, the salvation of whom will not be secured without their own cooperation.

The Presentation of the Lord: A Light for the Nations

February 2, Feast of the Presentation of the Lord, also known as Candlemas, or Purification of Mary. A feast of light, with a blessing of candles, and last feast that points to Christmas.

The Dignity of Celibacy

Those who do not view marriage as something holy and good are incapable of making a promise of celibacy as envisioned by the Church.

St. Francis de Sales—Introduction to the Devout Life | Part 4

“If anyone strives to be delivered from his troubles out of love of God, he will strive patiently, gently, humbly and calmly, looking for deliverance rather to God’s goodness and providence than to his own industry or efforts; but if self-love is the prevailing object, he will grow hot and eager in seeking relief, as though all depended more upon himself than upon God.”

Catholicism: The glory of God and the horror of sin

The Church agrees with St. John Henry Newman that it is better for each one of us that we should endure the most serious temporal suffering rather than commit a single deliberate sin.

A Vatican court ruling keeps the lid on financial scandals

Back in September 2017, immediately after the auditor general’s removal, then-Archbishop Becciu told a reporter: “If he had not agreed to resign, we would have prosecuted him.” WE would have prosecuted?

4.5 The Heresies – Gnosticism: Christ as Cosmic Mind

The heresy of docetism evolved into a complicated web of schools of mythology, which we lump together under the name of gnosticism. These all still denied the real humanity of Christ, though in two distinct ways. Docetic gnosticism continued the trend of seeing Christ as a phantom, with no real tangible body. “Hybrid” gnosticism made concessions to the accounts of a tangible body of Jesus, but called it an ethereal, or luminous, body - in other words, not a true material flesh and blood body.

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