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Equality Act: Gnostic destruction of the First Amendment

By Robert G. Marshall ( bio - articles - email ) | Jul 12, 2021

Without the Bill of Rights and particularly the provisions of what became the First Amendment, there would have been no founding of the United States of America. It was the agreement to add a Bill of Rights, and especially express protections for religious practice and conscience, that finally made the establishment of the Union possible.

But today a totalitarian clique seeks to replace the Natural Law foundations of America with their own set of despotic practices and policies. Their efforts are nothing new. Similar influences from the past received sufficient notoriety to be chronicled in history books both in the few centuries before Christ and centuries thereafter.

Resurrecting Gnosticism

To understand this, we need to grasp the concept of “Gnosticism”—the idea that some people (called Gnostics) possess a secret knowledge by which their lives and the lives of other should be guided. Gnostics were virtually present when Lucifer took his wrecking ball to the Garden of Eden. Ecclesiastes (1:9) tells us “there is nothing new under the sun.” Throughout history old errors have a way of resurfacing under new labels.

The philosophy behind the Equality Act can be compared to this ancient religious philosophy of Gnosticism which the Catholic Encyclopedia (1909) states was:

A collective name for a large number of greatly-varying and pantheistic-idealistic sects, which flourished from some time before the Christian Era down to the fifth century, and which…held matter to be a deterioration of spirit, and the whole universe a depravation of the Deity….

Current Equality Act advocates make claims very similar to those Gnostics made nearly 2,000 years ago. Andrew Walker in his God and the Transgender Debate states, “The concept that our gender can be different than our biological sex is a modern form of the old Gnostic idea.” What this means, practically, is that men can identify as women, even if they have male chromosomes and the body of a man.

It doesn’t matter that current Transgender activists or LGBTQ advocates do not call themselves Gnostics, may never have heard of Gnosticism or even vociferously deny they are Gnostics. LGBTQ advocates may object to being compared to Gnostics, but as the American poet James Whitcomb Riley wrote: “When I see a bird that walks like a duck and swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, I call that bird a duck.” Citizens have a constitutional right to pursue Gnostic religious goals for themselves and to persuade others to do the same. But Americans cannot be compelled by force of law to convert to Gnostic beliefs and participate in Gnostic practices such as forcing Christians to bake cakes for so-called “same-sex weddings”.

Here are some of the Gnostic moral views and assumptions about man and the universe which influence current social/political/legal demands. President Joe Biden and 99% of congressional Democrats hope to impose these policies on the rest of us, via the Equality Act:

Gnostics believe Creation is highly flawed

For the Gnostic:

The world has become a prison from which he wants to escape. …[Gnostic] opposition becomes truly radical and dangerous…when it arrogates to itself the name of science and prohibits science as non-science.… [Gnostics] know…their opinions cannot stand up under critical analyses and…therefore make the prohibition of the examination of their premises part of their dogma. …Gnosis desires dominion over being…. [Eric Voegelin, Science, Politics and Gnosticism]

Present Day Application:

Gnostic “transgender” advocates have no evidence that a man can actually “become” a woman or a woman “become” a man. Giving adolescents puberty blockers, drugs or even surgery to treat natural, normal physiological processes associated with puberty as a disease in need of “correction,” presupposes that the Designer/Creator of the Universe made a mistake and produced a flawed product. Since Gnostics seek dominion over being and the natural order and operations of persons and things in the universe, they are willing to mutilate perfectly healthy organs to bring about their own “alteration” of the person. All of this comes with a heavy price.

Dr. Michelle Cretella, President of the America College of Pediatricians, states that:

oral estrogen administration in boys may place them at risk for experiencing: thrombosis / thromboembolism, cardiovascular disease, weight gain, hypertrigyceridemia, elevated blood pressure, decreased glucose tolerance, gallbladder disease, prolactinoma, and breast cancer. Similarly, girls who receive testosterone may experience an elevated risk for: low HDL and elevated triglycerides; increased homocysteine levels; hepatotoxicity; polycythemia; increased risk of sleep apnea; insulin resistance; and unknown effects on breast, endometrial and ovarian tissues.

Gnostics oppose traditional morality

The law of ‘Thou shalt’ and ‘Thou shalt not’ promulgated by the Creator is just one more form of cosmic tyranny.… [T]he pneumatic [i.e., Gnostic]…is free from the yoke of the moral law. [Hans Jonas, The Gnostic Religion]

Present Day Application:

Gnostics consider lying and other conventional vices as morally, socially and legally permissible. In September, 2020, a Wisconsin state judge ordered a public school district to stop lying to parents about teachers and staff members who were “helping” minor children to change their “gender” without parental knowledge. The order provides that the Madison, Wisconsin Metropolitan School District is:

enjoined…from applying or enforcing any policy, guideline, or practice reflected or recommended in its document entitled ‘Guidance & Policies to Support Transgender, Non-binary & Gender-Expansive Students’ in any manner that allows or requires District staff to conceal information or to answer untruthfully in response to any question that parents ask about their child at school, including information about the name and pronouns being used to address their child at school.

Gnostics promote “novelty”

Some Gnostics “claimed that marriage and generation originated with Satan.” The Christian writer, Irenaeus, said that Gnostics “simply loved novelty: they pretend to find something new every day and to produce what no one ever thought of.” [Encyclopedia Britannica, Macropedia]

Present-Day Application:

NBC Out reported that:

Actor Kelly Mantle is making Academy Awards history this year. The gender-fluid performer is eligible for Oscar nominations in both male and female categories, which is a first for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. [Actor Kelly Mantle is making Oscars History]

The New Republic reported in all seriousness that Michelle Kosilek, a prisoner convicted of murder, born male, sought a tax-paid sex change operation:

To suffer from gender dysphoria…is to exist in a real state for which our only frame of reference may be science fiction. You inhabit a body that other people may regard as perfectly normal… But it is not yours. She tried to castrate herself by tying off her testicles. [Nathaniel Penn, New Republic, October 30, 2013, Should This Inmate Get a State-Financed Sex Change Operation?]

Sadly, there are many examples of “new” social experiments on human beings who forget or ignore that they were made in the image and likeness of God Himself. The individuals affected deserve our prayers, but not our compliance with harmful social policies.

Gnostics support bisexuality

For the gnostics bisexuality is an expression of perfection; it is only the earthly creation which leads to a separation of the original divine unity…. The second act of illumination of Adam follows in the garden of paradise with the aid of the serpent, who as an incarnation of the bisexual ‘instructor’ (who is a product of the spiritual Eve) plays a thoroughly positive role. [Kurt Rudolph, Gnosis: The Nature and History of Gnosticism]

Present-Day Application:

“Transgender” individuals claim “they” were “assigned” the “wrong” sex at birth. This reasoning logically alienates or separates their physical body from their perceived, preferred or wished-for “self.” Singer-Actor Dean Martin, during his Las Vegas night club routines, would point to an alcoholic drink and say words to the effect that, “I’m all right, my body is a drunk.” Perhaps such words bring laughter in a comic routine, but in real life, this separation from physical reality is no laughing matter.

Under their bisexual umbrella, Gnostics believe gender is completely fluid, and can change daily. In 2017, Time Magazine reported:

“Some days I feel like my gender could be like what I was assigned at birth, but there are some days when I feel the opposite way,” says Rowan Little, an 18-year-old high school senior in Kentucky…. Influential celebrities, including Miley Cyrus, have come out as everything from flexible in their gender to “mostly straight.”

Persons who claimed to be “trans” in the Time article, were defined as bi-sexual, not because of their preference for sexual liaisons with both male or female persons, but apparently because their new identity contains elements of both male and female characteristics of their physical “birth” body and their physically or mentally “altered” gender.

Such persons claim to be something not possible under the Laws of Nature, because they do not conform to the Created order. The confusion is made worse by requirements that certain contrived sets of pronouns must be used for such individuals. Note that the Obama-Biden Administration issued a guidance letter on “trans definitions” in 2016 which stipulated the following conditions to receive federal education funds:

Gender identity refers to an individual’s internal sense of gender. A person’s gender identity may be different from or the same as the person’s sex assigned at birth.… A transgender male is someone who identifies as male but was assigned the sex of female at birth; a transgender female is someone who identifies as female but was assigned the sex of male at birth. Transgender individuals may undergo gender transition at any stage of their lives, and gender transition can happen swiftly or over a long duration of time.… there is no medical diagnosis or treatment requirement that students must meet as a prerequisite to being treated consistent with their gender identity.

Gnostics believe women are inferior and need to be remade

Simon Peter said to them, “Make Mary leave us, for females don’t deserve life.” Jesus said, “Look, I will guide her to make her male, so that she too may become a living spirit resembling you males. For every female who makes herself male will enter the kingdom of Heaven.” [The Gospel of Thomas, c. 60-140 A.D.]

In the heretical Gospel of Thomas, women were not just relegated to second or even third-class citizens in society. They were to be erased, obliterated or revised.

Present Day Application:

The “replacement of women with men” is most evident in the world of sports with biological men who consider themselves “transwomen” compete against biological women. Everyone, other than Leftists, Marxist/Communists, LGBTQ devotees, and establishment main stream media commentators, knows such sports competition is patently unfair.

Duke Law School professor and champion college athlete, Doriane Coleman, told the House Judiciary Committee in 2019 that men and women are not equal in athletic abilities because of Nature. She pointed to lifetime best records of female Olympic Champions in the 400 meters, including Team USA’s Sanya Richards-Ross and Allyson Felix. The absolute best sports-titled women would automatically lose to thousands of men and boys, including thousands of second tiered ranked men. On the problem facing high school female athletes:

Selina Soule, Chelsea Mitchell, Alanna Smith, and Ashley Nicoletti are elite athletes from Connecticut.… Yet, despite their best efforts…they and their fellow female competitors have little chance of winning…because the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference…allows males to compete in girls’ athletic competitions based on gender identity…. Girls deserve the same opportunity as boys to excel and chase their dreams. …In Connecticut, two boys have won 15 women’s track championship titles between 2017-2019—titles once held by nine different girls…girls have lost over 85 opportunities to participate in higher levels of competition.… Girls deserve to compete on a level playing field. Forcing female athletes to compete against biological males ignores real differences between the sexes, isn’t fair, and destroys their athletic opportunities.

In addition, many college scholarships set aside for young women have been and will be won by biological men.

Simply pointing out the obvious fact that men should not compete against women in sports because no man can change the actual physical (or mental) attributes of their sex in order to “change” into “transwomen,” incurs the wrath of “transgender” advocates for committing a special type of social delinquency called “misgendering.” Referring to a “trans” person by their biological sex determined by their DNA, and not their self-assumed gender identity, is considered by mainstream media and even many governmental authorities to be bigoted and hateful.

The Associated Press states:

Misgendering someone is harassment by virtue of its lack of respect…misgendering can be a dangerous expression of hostility toward and fear of those who are different: a toxic and violent expression of xenophobia. Misgendering…is offensive and demeaning.... It is a form of oppression and should be recognized as such.

En route to the Equality Act

We can expect additional attacks on Natural Law and against those who recognize and abide by the reality of the Created order. It is one thing to attempt to defy reality or conventional limits and quite another to deny that such limits exist. Should the Equality Act (HR 5) pass Congress, America will experience even more social experimentation and court challenges to Natural Law morality, with negative consequences to the common good.

In the 1940’s, public support of Gnostic proposals would have been condemned as vile by political leaders and declared unconstitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court. Associate Supreme Court Justice Robert Jackson, who also served as Solicitor General, Attorney General, and judge at the Nuremberg trials of German War Criminals, gave the majority opinion in the case striking down mandatory flag salutes and pledges of allegiance in public schools. He stated, “If there is any fixed star in our constitutional constellation, it is that no official, high or petty, can prescribe what shall be orthodox in politics, nationalism, religion, or other matters of opinion or force citizens to confess by word or act their faith therein.” [West Virginia Board of Education v. Barnette (1943)].

Since that pronouncement, Speaker Pelosi, President Biden and 99% of elected Congressional Democrats have embraced the LGBTQ+, “toe the party line,” Gnostic agenda.

Rejecting the Founders’ vision

At no time since 1776 has the need to embrace Natural Law and the inherent moral purpose and design of the universe by our Creator been more important. In 1960, Fr. John Courtney Murray warned:

Perhaps there will one day be wide dissent even from the political principles which emerge from natural law, as well as dissent from the constellation of ideas that have historically undergirded these principles—the idea that government has a moral basis; that the universal moral law is the foundation of society; that the legal order of the society … is subject to judgment by a law that is not statistical but inherent in the nature of man; that the eternal reason of God is the ultimate origin of all law; that this nation in all its aspects-as a society, a state, an ordered and free relationship between governor and governed—is under God. [John Courtney Murray, S. J., We Hold These Truths: Reflections on the American Proposition, c. 1960, Sheed and Ward, New York, p. 42]

The Founders believed that certain moral propositions were self-evident, requiring no proof. Today, many well-positioned Americans and politicians claim that natural biological differences are not evidence of a moral or social order implanted in Nature by the Creator.

President Biden, who often directs us to “Follow the Science,” supports the Equality Act with its many penalties including withdrawal of federal money from schools which adhere to Natural law and Biblical Judeo-Christian teaching. The Equality Act also carries heavy monetary and criminal penalties for violating “trans” policies such as unisex bathrooms, locker rooms, showers and sports competitions.

Father Murray warned of a time such as this.

The validity of Natural Law

If Natural Law today has been relegated to the dustbin of history, not worthy to be followed in our “enlightened” age, is Natural Law invalid an authentic rule for human conduct?

The 20th century French Catholic philosopher Jacques Maritain stated:

Men know it [Natural Law] with greater or lesser difficulty, and in different degrees, running the risk of error here as elsewhere. …Montaigne remarked that, among certain peoples, incest and thievery were considered virtuous acts. …All this proves nothing against natural law, any more than a mistake in addition proves anything against arithmetic. [Jacques Maritain, Natural Law: Reflections on Theory and Practice, St. Augustine’s Press, South Bend, Indiana, c. 2001, p. 32.]

And Thomas Jefferson wrote:

The Creator would, indeed, have been a bungling artist, had he intended man for a social animal, without planting in him social dispositions. It is true that they are not planted in every man, because there is no rule without exceptions; but it is false reasoning which converts exceptions into the general rule. … The want or imperfections of the moral sense in some men, like the want or imperfection of the senses of sight or hearing in others, is no proof that it is a general characteristic of the species. [Thomas Jefferson to Thomas Law, vi. 350, 1814, The Jefferson Cyclopedia, Patron’s Centennial Edition, editor, John Foley, Funk and Wagnalls Company, c. 1900, New York and London, p. 592.]

Totalitarians who daily assert their opposition to hate and bigotry curiously find objectionable the assertions in the Declaration of Independence that rights come from the Creator and all persons are subject to the “Laws of Nature and Nature’s God.” God’s moral laws are indeed roadblocks for dictators, as they were intended to be.

LGBTQ+ leaders seek compliance with Gnostic beliefs

Equality Act advocates want to compel all Americans to submit to their Gnostic-based “religion” via a series of fines up to $500,000 per violation of transgender “rights.” LGBTQ+ advocates do not mind demanding that Christians comply with their beliefs which oppose the Christian faith. Serious Christians whose consciences will not allow them to participate in the Gnostic religion’s teachings or support immoral practices, will be made to suffer civil and social penalties.

Christians will not be allowed to practice their Faith unmolested. Those who do not publicly support Gnostic “religious” practices, or attempt to remain silent about Gnostic behaviors at work, school or in the community will be looked upon as bigots or haters who do not see Gnosticism as an equal to other religions.


Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito noted in a recent court case regarding adoption by same-sex couples, that the Archdiocese of Philadelphia social service adoption agency believes that,

the fundamental objective of City officials is to force the Philadelphia Archdiocese to change its position on marriage. …[T]here can be no doubt that Philadelphia’s ultimatum restricts CSS’s ability to do what it believes the Catholic faith requires. [Fulton v. Philadelphia, 6-17-21]

Coercion of conscience is what the Founders rejected. Yet that is exactly what the current crop of Gnostics, LGBTQ+ activists, Leftist office holders, and Marxist/Communists support boldly, and without reservation.

Wedding Service Contracts:

CBS reported on June 16, 2021, that Jack Phillips, the Colorado baker who won a limited victory in 2017 when the US Supreme Court held he did not have to make a “wedding” cake “celebrating” the “marriage” of a same-sex couple, was fined $500 for violating Colorado’s no discrimination law. His new found “crime” was refusing to make a birthday cake for Autumn Scardina to “celebrate” his “transition” from “male” to “female,” a sex “change” that Phillips believes is not possible because his Christian Faith teaches him that God made man male and female.

Jack Phillips has said he will make cakes for anyone, as he had done in the past, including for those who are homosexual. But he will not do so if the cake propagandizes and carries a message hostile to his Christian faith. Autumn Scardina could certainly purchase a “gender transition” cake from any other Colorado baker. Autumn chose to ask Mr. Phillips for a cake because Autumn knew Phillips would not collaborate in any violation of God’s law or his own conscience. Autumn is not merely testing Jack Phillips’ baking abilities. Autumn wants Jack to be compelled by government or a judge to pay exorbitant fines and/or put Jack out of business. Such actions are vengeful and have absolutely nothing to do with “equality,” love, freedom, or respect of a person’s freedom of conscience.

Voluntary Prayer:

Breitbart cited on June 18, 2021, a British LGBTQ+ advocate, Jayne Ozanne, who wants Parliament to ban, “All prayer that seeks to change or suppress someone’s innate sexuality or gender identity…” Ozanne said such prayer was “hate prayer.” (Great Britain does not have a First Amendment protecting speech as the United States currently has.)


Despite America’s First Amendment, LGBTQ+ lobbyists have convinced twenty state legislatures to criminalize counseling by licensed psychologists which attempts to redirect sexual orientation or gender identity away from homosexuality. Of course, it is perfectly legal for that same psychologist to direct a minor under 18 years of age, towards homosexual behavior or orientation without criminal penalty.

Religious liberty vs. religious tyranny

Religious Liberty and Free Speech are closely linked. American Revolution era pastor John Witherspoon observed in 1776 that “There is not a single instance in history in which civil liberty was lost, and religious liberty preserved entire.” The Founders agreed that basing civil rights on religious affiliation would be a mistake since there were so many religious denominations in the country. They recoiled against the practice in Europe during the 16th century of coercing persons to accept doctrines of Faith against an individual’s will. Similarly, they opposed practices in some of the American Colonies to exclude or disable the civil rights of persons including prohibiting persons from holding public office if they belonged to disfavored religious sects.

Benjamin Franklin noted:

If we look back into history for…Christianity, we shall find few that have not in their turns been persecutors, and complainers of persecution. …The first Protestants of the Church of England, blamed persecution in the Roman church, but practiced it against the Puritans: these found it wrong in the Bishops, but fell into the same practice themselves both here and in New England.… [The Founders Constitution, vol. 5, First Amendment, Document 14, p. 58]

Virginia’s Patrick Henry pointed out, “What has been more productive of mischief among mankind than religious disputes?” [The Founders Constitution, Patrick Henry, Virginia Ratifying Convention, Volume 5, First Amendment, Document 50]

Charles Carroll of Carrolton, the wealthiest man in the American Colonies, the only Catholic who signed the Declaration of Independence, a member of the Articles of Confederation Congress, and later the first U. S. Senator from Maryland stated:

to obtain religious and civil liberty, I zealously entered into the American Revolution, and observing the Christian religion divided into many sects, I founded the hope that no one would be so predominant as to become the religion of the state. That hope was thus early entertained, because all of them joined in the same cause, with few exceptions of individuals. God grant that this religious liberty may be preserved in these states, till the end of time.... [Kate Roland, The Life of Charles Carroll]

Joseph Story, an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court (1811-1845), wrote:

The real object of the [First] amendment was…to exclude all rivalry among Christian sects, and to prevent any national ecclesiastical establishment, which should give to an hierarchy the exclusive patronage of the national government. It thus cut off the means of religious persecution (the vice and pest of former ages) and of the subversion of the rights of conscience in matters of religion, which had been trampled.…. [E]ven New England, the land of the persecuted puritans, as well as other colonies…would furnish out a chapter, as full of the darkest bigotry and intolerance, as any, which could be found… Apostasy, heresy, and nonconformity had been standard crimes for public appeals, to kindle the flames of persecution, and apologize for the most atrocious triumphs over innocence and virtue. [The Founders Constitution, Joseph Story, Commentaries on the Constitution of the United State, First Amendment, Document 69, 1833.]

Religious freedom—linchpin of liberty

Protections for religious liberty was the “price” for ratification of the U.S. Constitution, an “offer” which Constitution proponents could not refuse. Nine states were needed to ratify the proposed Constitution, but only four states were willing to ratify it without a Bill of Rights. The remaining five states ratified the Constitution on the condition extracted at the state conventions that a Bill of Rights would be proposed and passed by the First Congress.

Six states proposed religious liberty changes to the Constitution. Virginia and New York, while narrowly approving the Constitution, did so with the understanding that a Bill of Rights would be forthcoming. Seven states proposed specific Amendments, and of these six dealt with religious liberty. [John Witte, Religion and the American Constitutional Experiment]

Debate in the U.S. House of Representatives on August 15, 1789, shows that in the words of Catholic Congressman Daniel Carroll (Maryland), cousin to Senator Charles Carroll (Maryland), protection of religious conscience was the paramount goal of First Amendment supporters:

As the rights of conscience are in their nature of particular delicacy…and as many sects have concurred in opinion that they are not well secured under the present constitution…. He would not contend with the gentleman about the phraseology, his object was to secure the substance in such a manner as to satisfy the wishes of the honest part of the community.

Forced “conversions”

The nearly two-and-a-half centuries-long guarantee of religious conscience and personal liberty is up for grabs now due to radical leftists touting their Syllabus of Political Errors and threatening to compel compliance with their demands to secure total control over the country and its citizens. Pope John Paul II, rejected threats of “conversion by the sword.” He wrote, “history is so full of protests against all those who attempted to force faith, making conversions by the sword.” [John Paul II, Crossing the Threshold of Hope]

Thomas Jefferson, when drafting the Declaration of Independence, relied upon the writings of English philosopher John Locke who stated:

No man, or society of men…have any authority to impose their opinions or interpretations on any other, the meanest Christian; since, in matters of religion, every man must know, and believe, and give an account for himself. [Justice Story citing Locke, Founders’ Constitution, Vol. 5]

The Rev. John Courtney Murray, S. J., called the religion clauses of the First Amendment, “Articles of Peace,” securing the common good for one American nation amidst a background of religious pluralism. [John Courtney Murray, We Hold These Truths] If the First Amendment was called “Articles of Peace,” it is not outlandish to view Gnostics as pursuing “Articles of War” in their attempts to undo the First Amendment.

The Equality Act is billed by its promoters as legislation requiring “equal treatment.” In fact, the legislation really requires individuals to accept the philosophy and religious practices of the Gnostics. The provisions of this Act could not be further from the intent of the First Amendment as it attempts to mandate “conversion” of citizens to a religion they reject.

The lesson of history

Bishop Fulton Sheen on his Life is Worth Living TV programs discussed American patriotism and its detractors. He presciently and even prophetically described the political script American Gnostics are following to undo the inalienable rights secured by the America Revolution. First, Bishop Sheen discussed the dominant minority, the Elites, which make a lot of public noise and use violence to force their will upon others. He called them revolutionaries without a program, without a flag. They know what they are against, but not what they are for. They resort to violence just for the sake of violence. And after they have wreaked considerable havoc to life, liberty and property, they will demand amnesty from their crimes as a matter of right.

This type of terror was practiced by the Jacobins during the reign of terror in the French Revolution. The Jacobins destroyed everything in their path including Christians, churches, schools, and government institutions. Louis Antoine St. Just, a contemporary of Jefferson, was the main culprit during this reign of terror of the French Revolution.

Bishop Sheen also pointed to Political Mysticism in that the Elite’s will was paramount. The Elite considered their judgment totally infallible and therefore could not be questioned. No alternative was desirable, and compromise was unnecessary. Satanism was the third tactic of the Elites. Satanism seeks to destroy the order of law, ethics, and morality. The path to Satan’s “progress” is paved on a pile of corpses. In contrast, the Creator’s world is built upon order, in harmony with the natural laws of the universe. Clearly, there is no common ground between those who follow the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God and those who adhere to the Gnostic religion of rebelling against the Creator’s order.

Congressional action

Congress will soon decide: will our religious liberty remain secure or be harmed by those who subscribe to Gnostic moral errors? If we value religious liberty for ourselves and our posterity, we must make our voices heard by contacting our Member of Congress and two U. S. Senators, urging them to oppose HR 5, the so-called Equality Act, or any of President Biden’s Executive Orders which would impose similar restrictions.

Further, President Biden’s budget bills which fund agencies of the federal government should be amended by Congress to forbid the expenditure of our federal tax dollars to impose the Sexual Orientation and Gender Orientation (SOGI) policies that seek to annihilate our religious freedoms. Please also ask your like-minded family, friends and neighbors to likewise contact their own U.S. Congressman and two U.S. Senators about this important matter. is not a political action organization but, in furtherance of its Catholic mission, authorizes free distribution of this analysis of political initiatives which violate a Catholic understanding of the human person. For those unfamiliar with how to contact their Senators and Representatives, we also provide the following public links to their email addresses and local phone numbers:

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Bob Marshall served 26 years in the Virginia House of Delegates and was the chief House sponsor of the 2006 voter-approved Virginia Marriage Amendment and a ban on late term abortion. He recently wrote Reclaiming the Republic: How Christians and Other Conservatives Can Win Back America (TAN Books). Previously, he co-authored Blessed are the Barren, a social history of Planned Parenthood (Ignatius Press). Finally, don’t miss Bob’s Civics Lesson for Catholics in the Catholic Culture Podcast Episode 17. See the full bio.

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