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The Documents of Vatican II

A Summary and Guide

by Jeffrey A. Mirus Ph.D.

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Book Description

A collected series of 34 articles written on the documents of Vatican II between February and October of 2010. From the Introduction: "This is a series of commentaries on the individual documents of Vatican II, in which I intend to focus very briefly on their key ideas, illustrating their depth and beauty through select quotes, and highlighting the concepts that have become controversial, especially in light of the peculiar thing that happened to them between their approval by Pope Paul VI and their implementation. They were implemented, of course, by All the Usual Suspects—that is, by the nominally Catholic theologians, bishops, priests and sisters who abandoned the Faith without leaving the Church in the heady days of late 20th century secularization, and who have used their power to take as many unfortunate souls with them as possible. Now is an excellent time to review the documents precisely because the tenure of All the Usual Suspects in the halls of Catholic influence is finally nearing an end as ignominious as it was slow in coming."

Table of Contents

  • A funny thing about Vatican II . . .
  • The English Editions of the Documents of Vatican II
  • On the Liturgy: Introduction
  • On the Liturgy: Overview & General Norms
  • On the Liturgy: Particular Norms & the Eucharist
  • On the Liturgy: Related Concerns
  • On Social Communication
  • On the Church: Introduction
  • On the Church: The Mystery
  • On the Church: The Bishops
  • On the Church: Lay Holiness
  • On the Church: Eschatological Identity
  • On the Church: Mary
  • On Eastern Catholics
  • On Ecumenism: Principles
  • On Ecumenism: Practice
  • On Bishops: The Bishops Themselves
  • On Bishops: Episcopal Collaborators
  • On Religious Life
  • On Priestly Training
  • On Christian Education
  • On Non-Christian Religions
  • On Divine Revelation
  • On the Lay Apostolate: Mission
  • On the Lay Apostolate: Implementation
  • On Religious Freedom
  • On Missionary Activity: Principles
  • On Missionary Activity: Mission Work
  • On Priests: Priestly Ministry
  • On Priests: Priestly Life
  • On the Church and the World: Man’s Calling
  • On the Church and the World: Community and Activity
  • On the Church and the World: Special Problems
  • Afterword: The Mythology and the Reality of Vatican II
  • Appendix
  • Doctrinal Development on Religious Liberty