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The Books of the New Testament

Reflections on Sacred Scripture

by Jeffrey A. Mirus

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Book Description

In this sequel to The Books of the Old Testament, Jeff Mirus continues his commentary on the books of the Bible to cover the writings of the New Testament. The project was completed between May of 2019 and July of 2020, beginning with St. Matthew’s Gospel and, of course, ending with the Book of Revelation. Once again, the goal is to offer basic insights into the nature of each New Testament book, so that readers may more easily grasp the purpose and meaning of these inspired texts.

Table of Contents

  • Introductory Note
  • Starting the New Testament, with St. Matthew on the Messiah
  • St. Mark insists that Christ is the Son of God
  • Luke’s Gospel: The Radical Challenge of Jesus Christ
  • John’s Gospel: Answering questions for the Church
  • The Acts of the Apostles are for the whole world
  • The mystery letter of St. Paul to the Romans
  • First Corinthians: Paul’s insistence that we really must grow up
  • St. Paul tries everything in Second Corinthians
  • Galatians: The radical shift from Judaism to Christianity
  • On the art of exhortation: St. Paul’s short letters
  • St. Paul warns bishops: Letters to Timothy and Titus
  • Hebrews: Old covenant fulfilled and eclipsed by the New
  • Salvation by faith or by works? James and Jude speak
  • Peter’s letters proclaim the Faith
  • John: Christ’s message is self-evidently true
  • Apocalypse Now: The Book of Revelation, Part 1
  • The Seven Seals: The Book of Revelation, Part 2
  • Dramatis personae: The Book of Revelation, Part 3
  • “I make all things new”: The Book of Revelation, Part 4