Vibrant Catholicism in the Midst of the Pandemic

Join us in prayer in these days
for our users around the world
who are ill or impoverished
owing to the Coronavirus:

Robert Abuul (Nigeria)
Fr. Clement Anaedevha & his poor
(Director of Nigerian Diocese of Auchi’s
social assistance program)

Imogene and Richard Armendariz
Sr. Winnie Assimwe (Kenya)
(and those she serves medically
in the Diocese of Lodwar)

Anthony Awenegiemhe
Roseline Banjo (Nigeria)
Mary Carver
Ujah Augustine Chibuike
Michael Chukwuemka (Nigeria)
Teresa Colton
Christa Diergaardt and family
Rufus Ezeakacha
Phidelma Ezelagbo
Scott Fearing
Margaret Fitzsimons
Xavier Flores
Matthew Green and family
Jadwiga Grzenkowicz
Scott Hennis & family (USA)
Marion Husler
Frank Ikechukwu (Nigeria)
John Ippachino
Bwambale Jockim (Uganda)
Claire Kangabe
Sr. Meskel Kelta & those she serves
David Kirathe
Peter Kuranchie
Thomas Lehr
Fidelis Lysewycz (Australia)
Felix Malenya
Arlene Mitchell
Ekpang Mojafu-Ekpang
Sr. Monica Editha, sfsc
(and her community and aspirants
in the Philippines)

Salvatore Muhereza
The Murphy Family
Titus Musyoka
Juliana Mutanu
Prudence Mwiije
Fr. Innocent Ngowi MSFS (W. Africa)
Thomas Nelluvely
(and the school where he teaches
as a missionary in Africa)

John O'Brien
John O'Farrell
Anthony Odunayo
Ufuoma Ojiyovwi
Stephen Omoding (Uganda)
Kenneth Onwuahadike (Nigeria)
Obote Onyango
Fredrick Otieno
Tamaraukuro Ottuko
Bro. Godfrey Ozelle (Uganda)
(and the orphans, sick and poor
who are suffering from severe hunger)

Sr. Robina Paulin
(and the poor in her care in Sri Lanka)
Peter Polycarp
Natasha Nicholas Rodrigues
Monicah Thiongo
Mr. & Mrs. Doug Wilson

...and many from whom
we have not heard.

“We are afflicted in every way, but not crushed...always carrying in the body the death of Jesus, so that the life of Jesus may also be manifested” (2 Cor 4:6-12).

In living our hope in the Resurrection, we are committed to the authentic renewal of the Body of Christ here on earth, in all circumstances, even now—especially now.

If you are suffering physically or financially from the Coronavirus, email us at [email protected], so we can add you to our prayer list.

If you are doing well, please join us in continuing the Catholic mission!

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