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Catholic Culture Dedication
Catholic Culture Dedication An Expanding Mission

At the end of the Acts of the Apostles, St. Luke quotes an emphatic statement made by St. Paul:

“You must know that God is offering his salvation to all the world.” 1 takes this salvific mission very seriously, seeking to engage the world for Christ and His Church on an ever-greater scale. But this means growth, and growth means a larger budget.

We want nothing more than to offer the fullness of the Gospel, and to enrich faith, strengthen the Church, and form Catholic culture. But our success depends completely on those we serve—on deeply-committed Catholics like you.

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Help meet our Easter Challenge

A group of key donors has offered a Challenge Grant of $50,000 to match new gifts made between now and the Feast of Pentecost on May 23rd.

Monthly pledges are down because of the Pandemic. Larger Challenge campaigns offer a solution by concentrating fundraising into six weeks in the Spring and six weeks in the Fall.

This means people can donate based on immediate circumstances, knowing that their gifts will be matched.

We hope all of our users will participate, through prayer and gifts, in meeting the Challenge!

$37,556 left to match—can you help?

Why is our budget growing?

Our budget is growing in 2021 because:

  • We have expanded our staff to prepare for a new generation of service by increasing our content and shifting some of the load from our aging founder, Jeff Mirus (who has just turned 73).
  • More expansion due to growth is needed in coming years, especially in site-design, programming and technical oversight and control.
  • We just moved our operations in March to new state-of-the-art servers—to ensure greater capacity, superior security and top performance in the rapidly-changing world of technology.
  • We operate on our own self-programmed platform, so that we are less vulnerable to ideological restrictions by providers of turnkey systems.
  • In every way we remain committed to independent action and independent support, so that we are limited only by our Catholic Faith, and not by social “cancelling” or by any corporate or governmental interests.

Again, this mission depends entirely on those we serve: Catholics just like you!

Why should you help?

Our effectiveness is not only unparalleld but growing year by year:

  • reaches some 15 million Catholics and potential converts each year around the world.
  • We offer daily written news and commentary, inspiring podcasts, and rich spiritual resources to help Catholics ignite the spiritual fire that alone can renew the Church and the world.
  • Our work is available free of charge, 24-7, and is widely recirculated without charge through blogs, other websites, newspapers, magazines, radio, television, social media and parish bulletins.
  • Our costs are among the lowest in the field: Under 3 cents per year per person served.

Again, this mission depends entirely on those we serve: Catholics just like you!

Other important reasons:

  • We do not ride favorite hobby horses or promote personal agendas. Our mission is to keep Catholics both informed and well-formed, so they can ignite the fire of faith in their families, parishes and communities; and so they can work effectively for authentic Catholic renewal.
  • We offer the keys to a robust yet properly-balanced Catholicism. We do not shy away from crises and tough questions, but we do strive each day to think and act in accordance with Our Lord and the mind of the Church.
  • From huge secular cities to rural mission territories, our work helps many to find Christ and the Church for the first time. Meanwhile, most who use our resources deepen their faith and become more active in living it each day.
  • The resources we provide are prized by priests, deacons and catechists throughout the English-speaking world.

Join us in helping others to respond to the salvation God is offering to all the world!

Give a generous gift—by creditcard, Paypal, check, or stock transfer—that will be matched today!

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1 Acts 28:28: This translation is used as an antiphon for the Invitatory Psalm in the Divine Office; readers may be familiar with a more common rendering, such as: “Therefore let it be known to you that this salvation of God has been sent to the Gentiles.”