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Resolving Faith Difficulties 3: A Pastor’s Spiritual Journal

BOOK 3: Faith, Nature, and Grace

by Father Jerry Pokorsky

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Book Description

In this very helpful collection of essays, Fr. Jerry Pokorsky addresses a great many of the problems and confusions in faith which have concerned Catholics over the centuries, and which seem especially widespread in the twenty-first century. This is the third volume of a series created from columns written in recent years for Its theme is Faith, Nature, and Grace.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Born That Way
  • Expecting Perfection
  • God doesn’t need our advice
  • Dabbling with the Devil
  • Hope and the Cycle of Life
  • Keeping the Faith
  • Theologians
  • The Dysfunctional Stages of the Interior Life
  • A 'personal relationship with Jesus Christ'
  • Sacramental Hunger
  • The Eucharist and Other Enemies of the State
  • The Reason for Human Reason
  • Leper Colonies
  • A Stylist Manual for Confessors
  • Self-serving Sorrow
  • I Don’t Want to Die
  • The Act of Contrition and Personal Health
  • The Bishops and their Confessions
  • What Segregation, White Guilt, and Black Power Can Teach Catholics
  • A few weak men
  • Priest Parables
  • Just Call Me Jerry
  • Tinkering with the Faith
  • Models of Political Meddling by Clerics
  • How the Papal Pelosi Scandal Affects Priests
  • Instant Gratification
  • Little Italian Grandmothers
  • Rediscovering generosity
  • Clerical secrets
  • Courage at the Cross
  • 'How am I doin’?'
  • Self-Esteem
  • Healing an angry culture
  • Chastity: Cornerstone of holiness and happiness
  • Losers and Generosity