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Essays in Apologetics, Vol. II

Arguments Directed to Non-Catholics

by Jeffrey A. Mirus Ph.D.

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Book Description

How we go about explaining and defending the Faith depends very much on our audience. This second volume of Dr. Jeff Mirus’ collected essays in apologetics includes essays written between 2004 and 2011 which primarily address those who are either not religious at all, not Christian, or at least not Catholic. These topics include natural theology, the argument from conscience, the nature of Revelation, the Resurrection of Christ, the role of the Bible, the primacy of Peter and the authority of the Church. This volume also includes the eleven-part “Why Be Catholic” series. The author holds his Ph.D. from Princeton University and has written frequently on apologetics over the past forty years.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Intimations of Immortality
  • Elegance at the Core of Creation
  • Religion 101: Why All Faiths Are Not the Same
  • The Argument from Conscience
  • The Case for Original Sin
  • Resurrection Theory I: Did the Disciples Steal the Body?
  • Resurrection Theory II: Did Our Lord Die or Swoon?
  • Resurrection Theory III: Were the Disciples Seeing Things?
  • The Tomb of Jesus and the Christ Who Saves
  • Assessing the Messiah
  • Up to Date on the Shroud
  • Who wrote the gospels? How do we know?
  • Apostolic Authority and the Selection of the Gospels
  • Authority Both Apostolic and Petrine
  • Scripture Alone: What Does the Bible Say?
  • Scripture in the Church: Community and Authority
  • It's the Church's Bible
  • The Coming of Jesus Christ in the Flesh
  • Conscience and Authority: The Protestant Dilemma
  • Private Judgment and the Rise of Relativism
  • How Do We Know Our Faith?
  • The Primacy of Peter
  • Why Mary Matters
  • Mary Ever Virgin
  • Sing of Mary
  • Why Be Catholic? 1: Revelation
  • Why Be Catholic? 2: Freedom
  • Why Be Catholic? 3: Suffering
  • Why Be Catholic? 4: Resurrection
  • Why Be Catholic? 5: Perfection
  • Why Be Catholic? 6: Divine Intimacy
  • Why Be Catholic? 7: Tradition
  • Why Be Catholic? 8: Incarnation
  • Why Be Catholic? 9: The Fall
  • Why Be Catholic? 10: Reason
  • Why Be Catholic? 11: Peace
  • When Two Wrongs Make a Right