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By Diogenes (articles ) | Sep 24, 2007

Another group of women is claiming ordination as Catholic priests. This is getting to be old news. Still, in the nature of things, each new imposture brings its own distinctive touches.

The women belong to a growing movement that no longer simply argues for women's rights but is creating an alternative Catholic church, whether the official church likes it or not.

Alternative, yes. Catholic, no.

But wait; it gets better.

Johnson and Carpeneto both identify themselves as Roman Catholics. Both see themselves more as Francis of Assisi, who worked to correct the church from within, than as Martin Luther, who challenged corruption and ended up forming the Lutheran denomination and beginning the Protestant Reformation.

This may be the first time you've seen St. Francis classified as a reformer, dedicated to change within the Church, comparable to Luther.

But then what do I know? I've never quite managed even self-esteem to compare myself with St. Francis of Assisi.

Which is odd, because unlike the women "ordained" at Judson Memorial Church ("We've been Gay Proud long before Gay Pride"), your Uncle Di could theoretically identify with St. Francis. I mean, it wouldn't have to be St. Frances.

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  • Posted by: - Sep. 25, 2007 12:32 PM ET USA

    Well, Barabas is now described by some as a patriot, not a murderer. Jesus is also described as a Jewish revolutionary. How could He have been in politics since He never told a lie? Magic mushrooms might explain the fantasies these people have. Tim Leary is proud of them! What writings have these miscreats to back up their assertions? If they start searching now, we shall be rid of them. Rights are not gender based. They apply to all humans.

  • Posted by: - Sep. 25, 2007 10:41 AM ET USA

    Is the Roman Church truly catholic when it excludes and is excluded by the Orthodox and the Reformers? Or is "Roman Catholic" an oxymoron?

  • Posted by: - Sep. 24, 2007 11:52 PM ET USA

    I often wonder how they can be so sure the spirit they are hearing is the Holy Spirit. What criteria do they use to decide?

  • Posted by: - Sep. 24, 2007 7:06 PM ET USA

    This is getting to be as common as news about Brittany Spears and Paris Hilton and just as mundane and boring. Maybe I'll see Gloria on the cover of the National Enquirer or People magazine. A few more of these "ordinations" of womyn priests and even Catholic-baiters will start to yawn.

  • Posted by: - Sep. 24, 2007 6:59 PM ET USA

    There are so many fine things you could have done in the church - things of true ministry and service - teaching others the faith and how to truly live it, to grow in it. Now, in quest for "power" you have only succeeded in excommunicating yourself from the Church which Christ founded. Now, you get to prance around in meaningless clerical dress - to serve yourself and not the Church. That's called "shallow," ladies - among other things. Now, you are truly "power-less." Good luck.

  • Posted by: - Sep. 24, 2007 6:52 PM ET USA

    Consider that that St Francis was ultimately an obedient son of the Church, and his 'reforms' began in himself: "Sanctify yourself, and you will sanctify society", he said. He also admonished his brothers to obey the Church in all things, and not to think of themselves as greater than the most lowly leper. These ladies have nothing in common with him. I hate to sound like Groucho Marx, but these ladies aren't reforming, they are revolting!

  • Posted by: - Sep. 24, 2007 4:16 PM ET USA

    They would make such fine Episcopalians!

  • Posted by: - Sep. 24, 2007 3:03 PM ET USA

    St. Francis didn't consider himself worthy to be a priest. In fact, he was even a little hesitant about being a brother, that's why his order is known as the "friars minor". Sorry ladies, you have nothing in common with St. Francis, but a lot in common with every heretic that has come down pike since the first century. Have fun pretending to be priests, and don't let the door hit you on the way out of the Church!

  • Posted by: - Sep. 24, 2007 3:00 PM ET USA

    It's about time to give these people some recognition. Let's bring them to the public eye with a good old excommunication ceremony, burial routine et al.

  • Posted by: - Sep. 24, 2007 1:55 PM ET USA

    Andrea Johnson, one of the new priestess, tells her story of how she decided she wanted to be ordained. It is a sad story of apparently not being recognized for her ministry work, assuming her standing was more important than those she served, and insolent when an ordained priest came periodically to administer sacraments. Now she has her recognition but without the church she served. She has cut herself off from the very sacrament which nurishes us all, the Eucharist.

  • Posted by: - Sep. 24, 2007 1:04 PM ET USA

    Well, they would have an inaccurate account of themselves if they used Luther or Frances. Just what is the true "corruption" in the Church that they are fighting against? What they are really fighting against are the inconsistencies in the formation of their own conscience.