Nefarious plans

By Phil Lawler (bio - articles ) | Mar 18, 2004

If it's a parody, it's a pretty good one. But this op-ed by a minor public official in Arizona has us wondering. Can a grown man actually write like this:

However, permitting or encouraging Latin masses is part of a misguided trend to go back in time to the romanticized church of the 1940's and 1950's.
Or this:
This past year, we have seen a de-emphasis in the role of the laity in Mass services, with lesser roles for lectors and Eucharistic ministers and an emphasis on the roles of priests and deacons. Where is this all leading? Will the next papal bull require women to again wear hats in church?
Overlook the split infinitive, and compare that prose with the article by Andrew O'Really in the February issue of Catholic World Report Sample:
And the root of the matter is that Humanae Vitae and Gatorade are being used by Joe Fessio and his soutaned minions to obliterate Vatican II and return the control of our bedrooms and pronouns to media reactionaries like Mother Angelica who want to silence Catholic women.
The "O'Really" article was a parody. We're scratching our heads about Dennis Kavanaugh.

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  • Posted by: - Mar. 18, 2004 7:46 PM ET USA

    After a reign of terror? tyrrany? which absolutely prohibited Latin Masses (in spite of Rome) and caused a huge influx of deeply hurt faithful into the Pius X chapels, a wise and genuinely liberal bishop allows for the pastoral care of thousands of his formerly alienated people. So a smart-ass politician (probably a candidate of the National Abortion Party) now (like Elizabeth Tudor) seeks to tell the Church what it should, or should not, do. Mr. K., did you kiss the baloney stone ?!

  • Posted by: - Mar. 18, 2004 4:20 PM ET USA

    The motives of these people are seen when they are crossed. In my parish, over the past 3 months there has been an effort to curb the use of extraordinary ministers. They have gone into rebellion.The Wiccan nuns schedule them anyway. The worst is the deacon who went and goes far beyond his function. The whole thing is not about service but about ego. These people do not understand that they are not nor ever will be priests. They are a poverty-stricken substitute. God give us more priests.

  • Posted by: - Mar. 18, 2004 12:50 PM ET USA

    The newspaper allows feedback, and I sent mine--pointing out that Bishop Olmstead's predecessor was notably rock-ribbed about forbidding the Latin Mass, contrary to Church directives. With laymen like these, who needs liberal nuns?

  • Posted by: - Mar. 18, 2004 12:16 PM ET USA

    If you would like to email Vice-Mayor Kavanaugh, you may do so at [email protected] .

  • Posted by: extremeCatholic - Mar. 18, 2004 12:05 PM ET USA

    I don't think it's a parody. The author is about my age and he reflects the opinion of many that I know. Recalling the worst of the Church prior to 1964, he believes that any renewal that incorporates the traditions of the Church which had been tossed out since then is sure to return to the Church of his childhood nightmares.

  • Posted by: - Mar. 18, 2004 11:47 AM ET USA

    For all his Catholic education, he sure didn't learn much. The Church that was the basis for the "fictional movie Church" as he calls it, is the one that produced many great saints. If that isn't a manifestation of God's seal of approval, I don't know what is.

  • Posted by: - Mar. 18, 2004 11:43 AM ET USA

    I was amused by the claim that there "was a reason that the Second Vatican Council called for services to be held in the vernacular." In point of fact, your vice-worship, the Council called for Latin to be retained, not displaced. Ditto for Gregorian chant. I suppose this is another instance of the "spirit" of Vatican II trumping the actual documents.

  • Posted by: - Mar. 18, 2004 11:36 AM ET USA

    This can only be read as satire. "Greater understanding and participation by lay members led to a renaissance of the Catholic Church in the 60's and 70's" That is hilarious! What is amazing is that the mere allowance of a Latin Mass troubles him. Merely tolerating others is unacceptable in his book.

  • Posted by: - Mar. 18, 2004 11:04 AM ET USA

    Actually, women are supposed to have their heads covered in church. The requirement never went away, only the obedience.

  • Posted by: - Mar. 18, 2004 10:02 AM ET USA

    Does the designation VICE mayor mean that he's the mayor of VICE? Interesting signature line.

  • Posted by: - Mar. 18, 2004 9:58 AM ET USA

    I think Dennis Kavanaugh is a satire -- if he breaks into lyric in the middle of his prose then he's a Menippean Satire. Allow me to make a wild guess that our Mesa patron saint of split infinitives and alveolar fricatives (Pseudo is a part time philologist and Welsh fan) is NOT going to see The Passion of the Christ.

  • Posted by: - Mar. 18, 2004 9:26 AM ET USA

    I'm trying to figure out if the Vice Mayor is writing his liturgical comments in his official capacity as Vice Mayor of Mesa or as a lay Catholic. It seems strange that the byline here is titled Vice Mayor of Mesa. Does that somehow lend credibility to his arguments against allowing, note not mandating, a Traditional Latin Mass? What does his honor think about polka Masses, dancing Masses, Native American Indian Masses? As one bishop said, "I like to think I'm liberal enough to allow Latin."