Catholic Culture Trusted Commentary
Catholic Culture Trusted Commentary

Defining Issues

Social, Familial and Personal Perspectives on a Catholic Life

by Peter Mirus

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Book Description

This is a collection of original essays for written between 2004 and 2006. Topics reflect the author's interest in integrating issues and discussions raised by readers on the website into a cohesive vision of Catholic life. The range is impressive, addressing Catholic superheroes, Buddhism, Modernism, spam, parenting, arguing, the Chastisement, Tolkien, clergy and laity, Catholic social teaching, pornography, diplomacy, environmentalism and nearly a score of other topics—always from a fresh and invigorating Catholic perspective. With a sure touch, Peter Mirus discusses many of the subjects that concern today’s Catholics with the frankness and insight which made these essays so popular as they appeared. Peter Mirus is a marketing consultant and CEO of STA Tech Marketing. He holds a B.A. in English from Christendom College. Married with two children, Mirus is also a Director of the non-profit Trinity Communications and of its website,

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Pornography and the Internet: Are Your Children Safe?
  • Manifestations of Modernism
  • Valentine’s Day: Love It or Hate It?
  • We Are All Liars
  • Catholic Superheroes
  • Half Measures in a Crazy World
  • Liberal Diplomacy and the Church
  • Building a Catholic Action Plan for Reform
  • No, He’s MY Personal Jesus
  • Catholicism and Buddhism: Compatible Beliefs?
  • I Just…Can’t…Take it Anymore!
  • Catholic Environmentalism
  • I Just Don’t See It
  • Spam, Pornography, Fertility and the American Way
  • Was Pope JPII an Effective Governor?
  • You are Weird; God is Odd
  • Behold the Great Outdoors
  • Dual Parenting Action
  • Federal Social Programs and Catholic Principles
  • The Truth About Catholic Social Teachings
  • Principled Catholic Social Action
  • Hope and Serenity Among the Thorns
  • Do You Love To Argue?
  • The Worst We've Ever Had It. Apocalypse Now?
  • The Chastisement, Revisited
  • Inspirational Saints of the Liturgy
  • Tolkien and His Trees
  • Prayer: When Asking is . . . Not Asking?
  • The Clergy and the Laity: Who's Responsible for Whom?
  • Hear No Evil: My Perspective on Rock Music