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This series enables us to introduce significant subjects simply by providing a series of links to the resources we have available for further reading, study and research.

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Pope Leo XIII’s ten encyclicals on the Rosary

Did you know that Pope Leo XIII, whose pontificate lasted from 1878 until 1903, issued no fewer than ten encyclicals on the Rosary? Some others mention the Rosary, such as his encyclicals on devotion to St. Joseph and on the Confraternity of the Rosary. But these ten actually have the Rosary...

Modern Popes on the Rosary

In addition to the ten encyclicals Pope Leo XIII wrote on the Rosary, six twentieth-century popes have issued documents specifically on the Rosary, plus two major texts on devotion to Mary in general. All are in our library, and listed below. LINKS: Benedict XV, Fausto Appetente Die (On...

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