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Thomas V. Mirus, President & Director of Podcasts

Quick Facts

  • Podcaster and writer living in New York City
  • Director of Podcasts for
  • Creator and host of the Catholic Culture Podcast
  • Co-host of Criteria: The Catholic Film Podcast
  • President of Trinity Communications
  • Jazz pianist


Thomas V. Mirus is a podcaster and writer living in New York City. He is the Director of Podcasts for, and hosts the Catholic Culture Podcast, as well as co-hosting Criteria: The Catholic Film Podcast.

Thomas takes the lead in’s commentary on the arts, but also reads widely in many other areas. He brings a substantial breadth of understanding to his work at, and he became President of Trinity Communications in 2023.

Thomas has a bachelor's degree in jazz piano and played music professionally for a number of years. He wrote and performed the theme music for the Catholic Culture Podcast (download the full soundtrack here). In 2019 he played piano on Mark Christopher Brandt's classical suite, The Butterfly.

Podcasting and Writing

The first episode of the Catholic Culture Podcast was the very first podcast released by, on May 1, 2018. Since then, Thomas has released two to three episodes per month of this long-form podcast, mostly featuring thoughtful interviews with significant Catholic artists and writers around the world.

In both his writing and podcasting, Thomas explores a wide variety of topics, but he has a special interest in the nature of the creative process in the arts, and the engraced human expression of truth, beauty and goodness which finds its source and home in Catholicism. As a notable example, see his three-part series on The Mystery of Music.

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