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Thomas B. Fowler

Quick Facts

  • Expert in philosophy, theology, engineering, physics and mathematics
  • Independent consultant and adjunct professor of Engineering at George Mason University
  • Founder and President of the Xavier Zubiri Foundation of North America
  • Sc.D. degree from George Washington University
  • Married with one daughter


Thomas Fowler is the author of four books and over 140 articles and reviews, ranging over philosophy, theology, engineering, physics, and mathematics. He is also an expert in analyzing systems and procedures for the U.S government.

He is keenly aware of the rapid politicization that has occurred not just in the humanities but increasingly in the science, technology, and mathematics (STEM) areas, and is devoted to debunking the shoddy reasoning behind many contemporary causes such as man-made global warming.

Deeply interested in Catholic philosophy, Thomas has made the work of the great Spanish philosopher Xavier Zubiri far more widely known through his founding of the Xavier Zubiri Foundation of North America. He has also translated several of Zubiri's works into English.

Currently an independent consultant and Adjunct Professor of Engineering at George Mason University, he has lectured widely on science and philosophy. His doctorate from George Washington University is in system theory.

Tom Fowler also assisted in the establishment of Christendom College by teaching early courses in mathematics and establishing the College's first computer system. In addition, he helped founder Jeff Mirus to get started on the Internet and to learn to program just in time to make use of the new World Wide Web.

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