“Do not be afraid, but speak!”

At a time when those who tell the truth are often villified, we must bear in mind Our Lord’s words to St. Paul:

“Do not be afraid, but speak and do not be silent.” (Acts 18:9)

Especially during periods of uncertainty in Rome, our Church needs courageous witnesses. “Do not be afraid, but speak!”

CatholicCulture.org’s mission is to foster this indispensable witness. But our success depends completely on those we serve—on deeply-committed Catholics like you.


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Please consider:

  • CatholicCulture.org reaches more than ten million Catholics each year around the world.
  • We offer daily news, commentary and spiritual resources to help Catholics respond to the challenges faced by the Church.
  • Our work is available free of charge, 24-7, and is widely recirculated through blogs, other websites, newspapers, magazines, radio, television, social media and parish bulletins.
  • Our costs are well under 5 cents per year per person served.

Again, this mission depends entirely on those we serve: Catholics just like you!


  • We do not ride favorite hobby horses or promote personal agendas. Our mission is to keep Catholics both informed and well-formed.
  • We offer the keys to a robust yet properly-balanced Catholicism. We strive each day to think and act in accordance with Our Lord and the mind of the Church.
  • Through our work, many find Christ and the Church for the first time; nearly all deepen their faith and become more active in reaching out to others.

Donate! Please join us in this vital Catholic mission.

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