Episode 47—Our Lady’s Habit: Wearing and Loving the Brown Scapular—Fr. Justin Cinnante, O.Carm.

By Thomas V. Mirus (bio - articles - email) | Aug 13, 2019

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Many Catholics have worn the Brown Scapular at some point in their lives. Some of those people stopped wearing it for one reason or another. Others have continued to wear it but perhaps don’t appreciate its true depth as a sign of consecration to Mary. Even less known is the fact that the Scapular is a miniature version of the Carmelite habit (which is itself Our Lady’s habit); those who wear it are part of the Carmelite family, right back to the Prophet Elijah!

In this show Fr. Justin Cinnante, a Carmelite friar, explains the Marian and Carmelite origins and dimensions of the Scapular as well as the promises associated with it. Whether you wear the Scapular, used to but don’t anymore, or have never been enrolled in it, this episode will give you many reasons to love the Garment of Grace.


Buy a Brown Scapular https://www.sistersofcarmel.com/brown-scapulars-brown-scapular-of-our-lady-of-mount-carmel/

Fr. Justin on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/fatherjustinocarm/

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