Episode 22: Newman’s Idea of a University—Paul Shrimpton

By Thomas V. Mirus (bio - articles - email) | Nov 07, 2018

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Bl. John Henry Newman was, among many other things, a lifelong teacher. Not only did he found the Catholic University of Ireland and England’s first Catholic public school, he was a highly influential philosopher of education. In his collection of addresses titled The Idea of a University, Newman set forth his conception of liberal education, defending the essential place of theology among the university subjects and arguing against the growing utilitarian tendency to see education as nothing more than professional training.

In this episode Paul Shrimpton, teacher at Magdalen College School in Oxford and author of The Making of Men, brings together the theory and practice of Newman the educator.


John Henry Newman, The Idea of a University:

Read http://www.newmanreader.org/works/idea/

Purchase https://www.clunymedia.com/product/the-idea-of-a-university/

John Henry Newman’s historical sketches relating to education: http://www.newmanreader.org/works/historical/volume2/index.html


Paul Shrimpton, The Making of Men: The Idea and reality of Newman’s university in Oxford and Dublin https://amzn.to/2Dsx28h

Ian Ker, John Henry Newman: A Biography https://amzn.to/2D5Xzau

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