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Catholic Culture Trusted Commentary

Catholic Prayer: Table Blessing for the Feasts of the Mother of God


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This can be used for all the feasts of Mary throughout the Liturgical Year. Includes a Reading, Responsory, The Lord's Prayer and two alternate blessings.


Rejoice, O Mother of God!
Rejoice, O Mother of the Lamb and Shepherd!
Rejoice, O pasture of spiritual sheep!
Rejoice, O defender against unseen enemies!
Rejoice, O opening of heavenly gates!
Rejoice, for, because of you, heaven rejoices with earth!
Rejoice, O unending boast of the apostles!
Rejoice, O invincible boldness and strength of the martyrs!
Rejoice, O sure confirmation of our faith!
Rejoice, O bright knowledge and vehicle of grace!
Rejoice, for you spoiled hell forever!
Rejoice, for the Lord clothed you with his glory!
Rejoice, O Mary, the unwedded bride! (Akathist Hymn)


Verse: Rejoice, O Mary, for you gave birth to the Word,
Son of the eternal Father and the author of all life.

Response: Accept today the homage of our prayer.
Deliver us from every calamity, and keep us free from evil.

The Lord's Prayer

Blessing I
God, our Father, You chose the lowly maiden of Nazareth, to become the mother of your eternal Son. Through the intercession of her prayers make us, your children, grow daily in the love of you, our Father, and in the love of all our brothers and sisters in Christ. Send your blessing upon our table, upon those who prepared this food for us, and make us always mindful of the needs of the poor and the hungry. We ask this of you through Jesus Christ, Son of God and Son of Mary. Amen.


Blessing II We praise and magnify you, O Lord, the most high, for in the fullness of time you chose the humble virgin of Nazareth as the mother of your only begotten Son. By the intercession of her prayers we beg your blessing upon our daily food and drink. May they sustain us in our journey until you bring us to the eternal joy of heaven, where Jesus is king forever and ever. Amen.

Prayer Source: Table Blessings: Mealtime Prayers Throughout the Year by Brother Victor-Antoine d'Avila-Latourrette, Ave Maria Press, 1994