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Catholic Activity: Table for Prioritizing the Liturgical Calendar for 2018-19



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2018-19 Solemnities, Feasts and Highlights of the General Roman Calendar with Proper of Dioceses of United States.

*Dates marked with an asterisk (*) are moveable and will be a different date each year.
**If these solemnities marked fall during Holy Week the dates will be transferred.
***All Souls Day, the Holy Triduum and Ash Wednesday are not solemnities but similar to solemnities.
^This falls on Sunday and unless is on a Proper Calendar will not be celebrated this year.
The “Other Days of Note” are dates that are special to our family. Included here are saints that have memorials and optional memorials. Your list may look different. These are the days we particularly highlight. They do not exclude other feasts, but these are the ones we love most.


Also available in a PDF file to aid in marking your own calendar and planner. The first part includes the details of the breakdown of the different categories of feasts within the year. The other tables are the specific dates Solemnities and Feasts for the upcoming 2018-2019 school year. I also have included a list of special feasts and holidays that we observe in the family. Most of these are Obligatory or Optional Memorials of saints that are either patron saints or have special meaning to family members. I also repeated these pages keeping the third column blank so that you can fill out your own family’s saint days.

PDF: Prioritizing the Liturgical Calendar

Prioritizing the Liturgical Calendar for 2018/19



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Other Days of Note

(US holidays, patrons
& favorite saints)

August 2018

Aug 15: Assumption of BVM Aug 6: Transfiguration
Aug 10: Lawrence
Aug 24: Bartholomew, Apostle
Aug 8: Dominic
Aug 11: Clare
Aug 22: Queenship of Mary
Aug 27: Monica
Aug 28: Augustine


  Sept 8: Birth of BVM
Sept 14: Exaltation of Holy Cross
Sept 21: Matthew, Apostle,
Sept 29: Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, archangels^
Sept 3: Gregory the Great
Sept 12: Holy Name of Mary
Sept 15: Our Lady of Sorrows
Sept 28: Wenceslaus


  Oct 18: Luke, Evangelist
Oct 28: Simon & Jude, Apostles^
Oct 1: Therese of the Child Jesus
Oct 2: Guardian Angels
Oct 4: Francis of Assisi
Oct 6: Bruno
Oct 19: John Brebeuf & Isaac Jogues, US
Oct 22: John Paul II


Nov 1: All Saints
Nov 2: All Souls***
Nov 25: Christ the King*
Nov 9: Dedication of Lateran Basilica
Nov 30: Andrew, Apostle
Nov 11: Martin of Tours^
Nov 22: Cecilia
Nov 22: Thanksgiving*, US


Dec 8: Immaculate Conception
Dec 25: Nativity of Our Lord
Dec 12: OL of Guadalupe, US
Dec 26: Stephen, First Martyr
Dec 27: John, Apostle
Dec 28: Holy Innocents
Dec 30: Holy Family*
Dec 6: Nicholas
Dec 13: Lucy
Dec 17-24: O Antiphons

January 2019

Jan 1: Mary, Mother of God
Jan 6: Epiphany*
Jan 13: Baptism of Our Lord*
Jan 25: Conversion of St. Paul
Jan 4: Elizabeth Seton,US
Jan 21: Agnes
Jan 28: Thomas Aquinas


  Feb 2: Presentation of the Lord
Feb 22: Chair of St. Peter
Feb 3: Blase^
Feb 11: Our Lady of Lourdes
Feb 14: Valentine


Mar 6: Ash Wednesday***
Mar 19: Joseph**
Mar 25: Annunciation**
  Mar 17: Patrick^


April 21: Easter*
April 28: Divine Mercy*
  April 14: Palm Sunday*


May 30/June 2: Ascension*
(40thday after Easter or 7thSunday of Easter)
May 3: Philip & James, Apostles
May 14: Matthias, Apostle
May 31: Visitation
May 1: Joseph the Worker
May 13: Our Lady of Fatima
May 15: Isidore, Farmer US


June 9: Pentecost*
June 16: Holy Trinity*
June 23: Corpus Christi*
June 24: Nativity of John the Baptist
June 28: Sacred Heart*
June 29: Peter and Paul
  Immaculate Heart*(Not celebrated this year because Sol. of Peter and Paul)
June 13: Anthony of Padua
June 22: Thomas More & John Fisher
June 26: Josemaría Escrivá


  July 3: Thomas, Apostle
July 22: Mary Magdalene^
July 25: James, Apostle
July 1:Junípero Serra, US
July 4: Independence Day, US
July 6: Maria Goretti
July 11: Benedict
July 14: Kateri Tekakwitha^
July 16: Our Lady of Mount Carmel
July 26: Joachim & Anne
July 29: Martha

Activity Source: Original Text (JGM) by Jennifer Gregory Miller, © Copyright 2003-2023 by Jennifer Gregory Miller