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The Most Ancient Shrines to Our Lady

by Zsolt Aradi


This file contains descriptions of the most ancient shrines to Our Lady from around the world.

Larger Work

Shrines to Our Lady



Publisher & Date

Farrar, Straus and Young, 1954

Our Lady Of The Catacombs, Rome

Our Lady Of The Snows, Rome

The Virgen Del Pilar, Saragossa, Spain

Le Puy, France

The Cathedral Of Chartres, France

Notre Dame De Paris, France

The Holy House Of Nazareth, Loreto, Italy

Santa Maria Ara Coeli, Rome

Our Lady Of Rocamadour, France

The Caves Of Covadonga, Spain

Our Lady Of Guadalupe, Spain

The Shrine That Charlemagne Built (Aix La Chapelle), Aachen

The Holy Mountain Of Montserrat, Spain

The Shrine That Has Never Been Destroyed, Altotting Germany

The Hermitage Of Einsiedeln, Switzerland

The Black Madonna Of Czestochowa, Poland

From Our Lady’s Dowry, Walsingham, England

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