Catholic Culture Overview
Catholic Culture Overview

The 2010 Christmas Campaign

Please join in the largest fundraising campaign of the year.

This $120,000 campaign will ensure that our mission continues in 2011.

What Is the Christmas Campaign?

Our Christmas Campaign is a fundraising effort covering roughly the fourth quarter of each year in which raises what it needs to operate into the next year. This year's goal is $120,000. Our users participate by becoming members and supporting the mission of with their prayers and financial gifts.

What Is a Member?

A member is simply someone who sets up a account. By becoming a member, a user provides us with an email address, signs up for whatever email newsletters he wishes to receive, and permits us to communicate by email. Without email, raising funds on the Internet is nearly impossible. We depend completely on members for support. If you haven't already, please become a member now.

Can Members Offer Prayers Instead of Money?

Absolutely. Not everyone can contribute. But email addresses ensure that those who can help financially are effectively reminded to do so. Other members often use these emails as a reminder to say a prayer for If you'd like to pray for us at least once a week, we'll add you to our prayer group. After you've become a member, send us an email.

How Can I Support the Christmas Campaign?

We're asking each member to put us on his or her Christmas list, and to make a donation between now and Christmas equivalent to what he or she would spend on a gift for a close friend or family member. We ask you to consider carefully how much you can give, because—barring an emergency—your gift will exempt you from further solicitation for the rest of the campaign. If you're ready, please offer your gift now.

Are There Other Ways to Support the Campaign?

Yes. Please consider the following:

  • Do your Christmas shopping through our Amazon affiliates link. We'll earn about 8%. For complete details and links, see our Amazon Associates page.
  • Do your Christmas shopping with our credit card. We'll earn $50 on first use of the card, plus one to two percent of all card purchases. For complete details, see our credit card page.
  • Make a recurring monthly contribution: One advantage of a recurring monthly gift is that we don't solicit those who make them except to remind them to adjust their pledges as needed once a year. A monthly pledge is a tremendous way to ensure regular support of our work. Make your recurring monthly donation now.
  • Join the Boosters: The Boosters consist of those whose own apostolic goals match what we're trying to do at so closely that they want to expend some of their own apostolic energy in supporting, advising and promoting More information.

Christmas Campaign progress is shown after each news, commentary and liturgical day item, and on the lower right corner of the home page, at the bottom of the Christmas 2010 display.

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