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Our Catholic reference material is truly a hidden treasure! We curate, catalog, and make accessible the kinds of resources you will want to consult when you need answers. Our biggest resource is our Library.

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Our Library contains all the encyclicals ever written, important statements from various Congregations and Pontifical Academies, noteworthy letters and speeches from various cardinals and bishops, and outstanding articles from documented sources. Consult our list of the most recent documents, or search by topic for what you need.

Standard Catholic Reference

Access our online Catholic dictionary, searchable Catechism of the Catholic Church, and a public domain collection of the writings of the Fathers of the Church, with added notes about the author and circumstances of each text.

Special Collections

We offer a unique series of What You Need to Know items which adeptly answer scores of questions about Catholicism. We also preserve and make available the collected lectures and writings of the late Biblical scholar, Fr. William G. Most (The Most Collection).

FREE eBooks

We offer a variety of eBooks including the writings of Jeff Mirus organized thematically, selected works of Phil Lawler, and Pope Francis’ series of weekly audiences on the family.

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Our comprehensive search system is accessible from the top of each page of the website. The “results” page also gives you an option to do an Advanced Search to narrow the parameters and find what you need.

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