Episode 5: Hospital Dreams—Chris Baker

By Thomas V. Mirus (bio - articles - email) | Jun 05, 2018

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One of the most creative rock bands around today is Virginia-based indie trio The Duskwhales. Drummer/singer Chris Baker joins me to talk about their new EP, Hospital Dreams, a set of melancholic, folky acoustic songs he wrote while battling cancer. In this episode I also discuss the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s controversial Heavenly Bodies exhibit, and give a couple of movie recommendations.


Listen to and purchase Hospital Dreams on Bandcamp

My interview with The Duskwhales about their 2017 album Sorrowful Mysteries

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1:32 Heavenly Bodies exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Movie recommendations

12:34 Babette’s Feast

15:28 A Quiet Place

19:41 Chris Baker interview (songs used with permission)

20:39 Song: “Hospital Dreams” by The Duskwhales

24:32 The story behind Hospital Dreams: Chris’s cancer

27:41 Writing songs as a way of occupying time during chemo

28:42 Song discussion: “Hospital Dreams”

29:57 You can’t spell the word “chemotherapy” without “mother”: Mary in “
All Her Wonder” and “Turn White”

32:20 The band’s first time self-recording

33:56 Plans for a trilogy of albums

35:20 Keyboardist Brian Majewski’s departure and return

36:10 Hospital Dreams cover art

37:23 Chris’s ill-fated but diverting Twitter campaign

38:09 The Duskwhales’ future

39:02 Music Chris is currently listening to; influences on Hospital Dreams

40:45 Song: “Turn White” by The Duskwhales

44:25 Weekly excerpt: Hans Urs von Balthasar

Wedding Ensemble by Christian Lacroix

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