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Abortion, gay union bill defeated in Paraguay June 01, 2005

Paraguay's House of Representatives overwhelmingly defeated a bill last Thursday aimed at legalizing abortion and homosexual unions.

The South American country's legislators rejected the bill by a margin of 57 to 6. There was no debate and only Carlos Filizzola, the bill's sponsor, spoke in favor. There were 3 abstentions. Religious and pro-life leaders, who had voiced their opposition to the bill, congratulated the representatives on their decision.

Father Juan Claudio Sanahuja, director of the Noticias Globales news agency, issued the following statement on the agency's website: "Today's results, unthinkable just a few days ago, show once again that when all the social forces unite and exercise pressure on their representatives with a resounding 'no' without compromise or consensus in favor an illegitimate lesser evil, it's possible to block the social reengineering of the culture of death."