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Resolving Faith Difficulties: A Pastor’s Spiritual Journal

BOOK 1: Faith First and Always

by Father Jerry Pokorsky

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Book Description

In this very helpful collection of essays, Fr. Jerry Pokorsky addresses a great many of the problems and confusions in faith which have concerned Catholics over the centuries, and which seem especially widespread in the twenty-first century. This is the first volume of a series created from columns written in recent years for

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Dialogue with an Atheist
  • Practical Atheism
  • Authority and Jesus
  • The Scandal of Church Abuse
  • Is Catholicism an ideology?
  • Faith is Personal, not Ideological
  • Spiritual Strategic Planning
  • The promise of the Catholic vision
  • Heretics
  • Catholic nudism, the USCCB, and bid to ‘eradicate’ evil
  • How Mary crushes the head of Satan
  • Mary, not Misogyny
  • Mary: Terrible as an Army, Arrayed for Battle
  • A Little Catechism to Fortify Our Faith in Troubled Times
  • Inauguration Day thoughts: Shining City on a Hill
  • The Mystery of Punishment and Suffering
  • No Exit
  • The End is Near—Maybe
  • The Magisterium of the Martyrs
  • The Magisterium of the Sacred Liturgy
  • The Liturgical Year
  • Advent: An Advent Meditation
  • Advent: Anticipation
  • Advent: It could have been a wonderful life
  • Christmas: Life Stinks. Merry Christmas!
  • Christmas: An Undelivered Christmas Homily
  • Mary, the Mother of God: Are Marian devotions excessive?
  • Feast of the Holy Family: The Church’s Policies on Families
  • Feast of the Holy Family: Adjectives
  • Holy Week: The problem of sin, suffering, and death
  • Holy Thursday: Jesus is Not a Dictator
  • Good Friday: The Age of Cynicism
  • Good Friday: The Joy of Dread
  • Easter: The Cure for Our Fears, Real and Imagined
  • Easter: Hollywood Extras
  • The Ascension: Tossing us the keys to His Kingdom
  • Feast of the Most Holy Trinity: Faith seeking understanding
  • Feast of the Most Holy Trinity: The Divine Symphony
  • Corpus Christi: A ‘personal relationship with Jesus Christ’
  • The Transfiguration: Transfiguration and confidence
  • The Assumption: “You’re Only Human”
  • All Souls: Funerals and divine worship
  • All Souls: Death, where is thy sting?
  • Christ the King: Christ, the Great King