Catholic Culture Trusted Commentary
Catholic Culture Trusted Commentary

Catholic Recipe: Ice Cream Cup St. James II


  • fresh fruit in season
  • lemon sherbet
  • chocolate syrup, optional


Prep Time: 15 minutes

Difficulty:  ★☆☆☆

Cost:  ★★☆☆

For Ages: All

Origin: France


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Also Called: Coupe Saint-Jacques; Coupe St. Jacques

A simple ice cream cup to honor St. James.


Put any mixture of fresh fruits in season in a parfait glass. Pear, grapefruit, orange and dark grapes or strawberries make a delicious combination.

Spoon the lemon sherbet over the fruit. Top with a spoonful of chocolate syrup, if desired.

This is a quick and easy dessert for summer.

Recipe Source: Cooking With the Saints by Ernst Schuegraf, Ignatius Press, 2001