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Catholic Culture Overview

Rome, Be Faithful To Your Dignity

by Pope Saint John Paul II


The Holy Father's Comment on June 29, 2002, before the Angelus. The Pope recalled Peter and Paul, the principal patrons of the City of Rome and asked their protection so that Rome could fulfil its mission to be the path of the Gospel into the world.

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Vatican, July 3, 2002

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

1. Today we celebrate the solemnity of the holy Apostles Peter and Paul, "the columns and foundation of the City of God", who "united in their martyrdom sealed with their blood the proclamation of the Gospel" (Liturgy of the Hours). Rome especially exults because she is honoured to have them as her principal patrons.

I address my cordial greeting to all the pilgrims who have come for this happy occasion, and I invite them to participate in the Mass that, God willing, this evening at six o'clock I will preside over in St Peter's Square.

Christian dignity and mission of Rome

2. On this important day I think especially of you, faithful of the Diocese of Rome, and of so many living in our city. While I offer my best wishes to all who have the name of Peter and Paul, for each one I ask from their heavenly patrons peace and Christian prosperity.

Rome, be faithful to your Christian dignity. The light of the Gospel does not take anything away from the various components of your glorious history. Rather, it leads them all to their highest meaning: to prepare a road for Christ, salvation of mankind. May the holy Apostles Peter and Paul always support you; may the blessed Virgin Mary, Salvation of the Roman People, to whom we now turn with loving confidence, accompany you.

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