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Continue Evangelizing In And Through The Media

by Pope Saint John Paul II


The Holy Father's Greeting of November 20, 2001, to the international Catholic organizations for the media, International Catholic Association for Radio and Television (UNDA) and the International Catholic Organization for Cinema and Audiovisuals (OCIC). The two associations merged to form SIGNIS, a Catholic organization for all audiovisual media.

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Vatican, December 5, 2001

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

It gives me great pleasure to greet you, the members of UNDA, the International Catholic Association for Radio and Television, and OCIC, the International Catholic Organization for Cinema and Audiovisuals, as you prepare in just a few days to merge your two organizations and form SIGNIS, the new international Catholic organization for all audiovisual media. It is my hope, and yours too I am sure, that SIGNIS will expand and make ever more effective the work which your two organizations have undertaken for the past 70 years, the work of evangelizing in and through the communications media, proclaiming the Lord's saving Gospel in the world of cinema, radio, television and, most recently, internet.

SIGNIS combines both UNDA and OCIC

The formation of this Organization at the beginning of the new millennium seems particularly appropriate. Indeed, with the great advances in communications technology and the continuing process of globalization, the Church's mission of making Christ known and loved by all people finds itself with ever new opportunities and challenges. The past years have seen remarkable growth in Catholic radio broadcasts in various countries in Africa and Europe, and there have also been great developments in Catholic television, especially due to satellite transmission and cable distribution. SIGNIS must continue to create new audiences for Catholic programming and work with other involved bodies to ensure that positive religious and spiritual content is not lacking in the various media productions.

Work for high quality programmes in the media

People spend enormous amounts of time absorbed in media consumption, particularly children and adolescents. An important part of your work, therefore, is to teach a wise and responsible approach to media use. This means setting high standards, not only for the general public, but also for the leaders of the communications industry. It means making people aware of the great influence that the media has on their lives and it means monitoring the quality of content and promoting constructive dialogue between media producers and consumers.

Dear Friends, these are some of the tasks that lie before you, tasks that demand courage and commitment, tasks that you willingly take up as part of your Christian vocation. The Lord Jesus himself is with you to support you and strengthen you: as he told the Apostles when giving them his final mandate to make disciples of all nations, "I am with you always, to the close of the age" (Mt 28,20). May the soon-to-be-founded SIGNIS organization be an ever effective instrument of the Lord's enduring presence in our world and of his abiding love for all men and women.

To all of you I cordially impart my Apostolic Blessing.

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