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The Father William Most Collection

Catholic Apologetics Today: Answers to Modern Critics

[In print from TAN Books and Publishers, Inc. Rockford, Illinois 61105. Copyright (c) 1986 by TAN Books and Publishers, Inc. ISBN: 0-89555-305-8; Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 86-50853; 1986, 1988. Printed and bound in the United States of America. Order from TAN Books and Publishers, Inc., P.O. Box 424, Rockford, Illinois 61105, 800-437-5876.]

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: For Openers

Chapter 2: Causes of Teenage Doubt

Chapter 3: Wonders Never Cease

Chapter 4: Is There a God?

Chapter 5: A Good God vs. Great Evils

Chapter 6: The Heart of the Matter

Chapter 7: A Faithful Text?

Chapter 8: What Did the Author Want to Say?

Chapter 9: Extra! Extra! Greek Doctor Writes Gospel!

Chapter 10: Did Luke Write Luke?

Chapter 11: A Man Sent from God

Chapter 12: Signs and Wonders to Believe

Chapter 13: The Inner Circle

Chapter 14: Behold, I Am With You All Days

Chapter 15: Küngly Objections

Chapter 16: You are Peter

Chapter 17: Protestant Scripture Alone

Chapter 18: Faith Alone: Luther's Discovery?

Chapter 19: Help for Ecumenism: On Predestination

Chapter 20: Do We Contribute to Our Salvation?

Chapter 21: False Angels

Chapter 22 The Jewish Messiah

Chapter 23: Other Sheep I Have

Chapter 24: We Have Here No Lasting City

Appendix 1: Errors in Church Teaching?

Appendix 2: Errors in Scripture?

Appendix 3: Areas of Contention


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