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Continues exertion directed to some recognized purpose or end. the exertion may be physical or mental, and the purpose may be determined by the one who works or by someone else, who in turn may have his or her own motive for assigning the task. Christianity does not look upon work as demeaning or evil, as though leisure were more worthy of human dignity. Work ennobles a person's character and assimilates one to the Savior. "We believe by faith that through the homage of work offered to God man is associated with the redemptive work of Jesus Christ, whose labor with his hands at Nazareth greatly ennobled the dignity of work. This is the source of every man's duty to work loyally, as well as his right to work; moreover, it is the duty of society to see to it that, according to the prevailing circumstances, all citizens have the opportunity of finding employment" (Second Vatican Council, Constitution on the Church in the Modern World, III, 67).

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