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Resolving Faith Difficulties 2: A Pastor’s Spiritual Journal

BOOK 2: Faith with Reason

by Father Jerry Pokorsky

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Book Description

In this very helpful collection of essays, Fr. Jerry Pokorsky addresses a great many of the problems and confusions in faith which have concerned Catholics over the centuries, and which seem especially widespread in the twenty-first century. This is the second volume of a series created from columns written in recent years for Its theme is Faith with Reason.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • The Book of Normal
  • Natural Law to the Rescue
  • Subjective Conscience and Moral Certainty
  • Conscience counterfeits
  • Politics from the Pulpit
  • The Ten Commandments and Systemic Clericalism
  • Unwritten rules and the Great Compromise
  • The Opium of the People
  • Editing the Declaration of Independence
  • Immigration and the Family
  • The Artificial Santa
  • Defining Racism
  • Jesus is Not an Alien
  • A Tribute to Pro-life Determination
  • Agent Provocateurs for the Unborn
  • Abortion and preaching to the choir
  • Avoiding political labels
  • A Little Catechism on Politics and So-Called Catholic Pro-Abortion Politicians
  • Follow the Science
  • Agonizing Moral Restraint
  • Who Lost the Culture?
  • Obama and the Bomb: Hiroshima Revisited
  • The Hubris of a Tax-Code System of Morality
  • Ministers, not masters, of life
  • Sodom Sunday
  • Déjà vu All Over Again
  • The Widow’s Almsgiving Budget
  • Appealing to the better angels of pastors
  • The Power and Poverty of Words
  • Opposition Research
  • Skeletons in Our Closets
  • Reckless transparency