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A companion and helper of Paul. The relationship was notably close and affectionate. Paul speaks of his young protégé as "a dear and faithful son" and as "a true child of mine" (I Corinthians 4:17; I Timothy 1:2). When they separated at Ephesus, Paul recalled the tears that Timothy shed and wrote that he longed to see him again to complete his happiness (II Timothy 1:3-4). They traveled together to many places. Timothy's name appears with Paul's in epistles sent to Corinth, to Philippi, to Thessalonica, to Colassae. The were even in prison together. In writing to Timothy, Paul constantly spurred him on to greater effort, e.g., "I am reminding you now to fan into a flame the gift God gave you" (II Timothy 1:6). Paul's confidence in Timothy was so strong that he set a very high standard of achievement for him. (Etym. Greek timotheos, honoring the god.)

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