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Son of Lamech and father of Shem, Ham, and Japheth. Yahweh was so embittered by the corruption and faithlessness of the world that he decided he would wipe out the human race in a flood. The one exception he made was Noah and his family. He gave Noah detailed instructions about the construction of an ark strong enough to remain intact (Genesis 6). Then he instructed him to take aboard his family and two specimens of every kind of animal and bird, male and female, so that after the flood the world could be repopulated. Noah obeyed Yahweh. Every living being outside the ark was destroyed when the flood submerged the earth (Genesis 7). After several months Noah had proof that the waters receded enough for all to leave the ark, which was ow resting on Mount Ararat (Genesis 8). God promised, "Never again will I strike down every living being . . ." (Genesis 8:21). "There shall be no flood to destroy the earth again" (Genesis 9:11). Noah's sons became the eponymous ancestors of the great races in the repopulation of the world.

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