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1 Tabernacle: Its History, Structure and Custody, The
2 Taiwan: Contribution to World Stability
3 Taiwanese Bishops: United with Faithful of the Mainland
4 Take Courage, for the Lord Is Near!
5 Take Holy Pride in Being Other Christs
6 Take Not Your Holy Spirit From Me
7 Take This This Is My Body
8 Take Your Faith Into the World
9 Taking A Tour Of The House Of God
10 Taking Our Bodies Seriously: Holy Communion in the Eucharist and Marriage
11 Taking Upon Ourselves the Name of God
12 Tale of Two Bishops, A
13 Tale of Two Churches, A
14 Talk to National Bishops' Conference of Brazil
15 Talking about Love...
16 Talking about Touching
17 Talking Sex To Teens
18 Talking With Your Children About a Past Abortion
19 Tametsi Futura Prospicientibus (On Jesus Christ The Redeemer)
20 Tangible Sign of Cooperation for Common Good of Humanity, A
21 Tangled Web: Slavery, Genocide and Christianity in Sudan, A
22 Taproot of Violence, The
23 Task of Evangelization in Secular America, The
24 Task of Pastors: Devotion, Communion, Eucharist, Prayer
25 Task of Woman in the Modern World, The
26 Task: Fidelity to Workers, Democracy, Church, The
27 Te Deum, First Vespers Of Mother Of God
28 Teach Essential Distinction Between Ministerial Priesthood And Royal Priesthood Of Baptized
29 Teach the Faithful Sunday's True Meaning and Inspire Them to Live It Fully
30 Teach Us Wisdom of Heart
31 Teach Young People the Gospel of Life
32 Teaching Euthanasia
33 Teaching of St. Thomas Aquinas in Regard To the Apostles, The
34 Teaching of the Pontiffs From Pius XI to Benedict XVI, The
35 Teaching of the Theological Manuals, The
36 Teaching Parishioners to Pray
37 Teaching the Ethics of Communications in a Catholic University, Content and Context
38 Teaching the Life in Christ
39 Teaching: 'First of the Spiritual Works of Mercy'
40 Tears of Our Lady, The
41 Tears of the World: An Ocean of Desolation In Need of Consolation, The
42 Technologies of Evil: Eight Questions About the Stem-Cell Debate
43 Technology Cannot Substitute the Act of Marital Love
44 Television and the Family: Guidelines for Good Viewing
45 Telling Lies with Our Bodies: What the Pope Thinks About Sex
46 Temperaments and the Call to Holiness
47 Temperaments and their Pedagogical Treatment (Part 2 of 3)
48 Temperance and Emotional Well-Being
49 Temperance and the Art of Eating
50 Temple as the Maternal Place of the Church, The
51 Temptation
52 Temptations for the Weak and Burdens for the Virtuous
53 Ten Commandments Are Indications for Freedom, The
54 Ten Dates Every Catholic Should Know... (A Review)
55 Ten Marian Facts about St. Bernard of Clairvaux
56 Ten Most Common Liturgical Abuses, The
57 Ten Most Common Misconceptions About Apparitions, The
58 Ten Questions Regarding the Denial of the Eucharist
59 Ten questions to help you determine 'Christian or New Age?'
60 Ten Rules Concerning Prohibited Books
61 Ten Theses on a Church Door
62 Ten Tricks of the Devil to Watch Out For
63 Ten Years After "Dignitas Connubii": In Search of Swift Solutions
64 Tend the Flock and Be Examples to It
65 Tend Towards The Ecumenism Of Holiness
66 Tender Mercy of Our God, The
67 Teresa of Lisieux -- No Plaster Saint
68 Terri Schiavo: Judicial Murder
69 Terri Schiavo's Final Hours: An Eyewitness Account
70 Terrible Moment for a City with a Proud History, A
71 Terrorism and International Law: A Catholic Perspective
72 Tertullian
73 Test All Things, Hold to What Is Good
74 Testimony before Congress on Religious Freedom
75 Testimony for Beatification of Pius IX
76 Testimony on Cover-Up of Sexual Abuse
77 Testimony to God's Victory through Non-Violence
78 Texas Bishop Criticizes US Bishops Conference Presidential Candidate's Questionnaire
79 Texts without Comment for Chapter Five
80 Texts without Comment for Chapter Seven
81 Texts without Comment for Chapter Eight
82 Texts without Comment for Chapter Four
83 Texts without Comment for Chapter One
84 Texts without Comment for Chapter Three
85 Texts without Comment for Chapter Two
86 Thai Bishops: Education and Inter-Religious Co-Operation
87 Thank God for Gift of Priesthood
88 Thank God for the Rich Harvest of Priestly and Religious Vocations
89 Thank God For This Extraordinary Gift!
90 Thank You For Daily Service To Sector Of Education
91 Thank You For Holding WYD
92 Thank You for Reminding Us that There Are Other Types of Culture
93 Thank You for Your Commitment, Generosity and Dedication
94 Thank You for Your Fidelity to Christ
95 Thanks to Fear of the Lord, There Is No Fear of Evil
96 Thanksgiving Is Born among a People Capable of Remembering
97 Thanksgiving Mass for the Canonization of St. Mary of the Cross
98 Thanksgiving Proclamation of 1789
99 That Moses Thing
100 That Spark of Beauty that Gives Glory to God
101 That They All May Be One
102 That You May Tell Your Children and Grandchildren
103 Their Memory Sustains Us
104 Theodore Maynard (1890-1956): A Historian of American Catholicism
105 Theologian of Humility, A
106 Theologian Should Be Attentive to What the Spirit Is Saying
107 Theologians Have Always Needed Mandates to Teach
108 Theologians Mission through Silence and Contemplation
109 Theologians: Pioneers in the Church's Dialogue with Cultures
110 Theological Analysis of the Word of the Lord According to the 1st Epistle of Peter, A
111 Theological Deception
112 Theological Dialogue Must Continue
113 Theological Formation Needs Ecclesial Dimension
114 Theological Meditation On The Liturgy Of The Eucharist, A
115 Theological Reflection on the Human Body, A
116 Theological Significance of the Indulgence
117 Theology According to Richard McBrien
118 Theology after Veritatis Gaudium in the Context of the Mediterranean
119 Theology and Culture: Borderlands
120 Theology Must Be Nourished by Dialogue with the Logos
121 Theology Of Kneeling, The
122 Theology of Sexuality of a Modern Dissenter: Rev. Richard C. Sparks, C.S.P., The
123 Theology of the Liturgical Year, The
124 Theology of the Precious Blood, The
125 Theology Today: Perspectives, Principles and Criteria
126 Theophilus To Autolycus
127 Theosophy: Origin of the New Age
128 Therapeutic Experiments Must Respect Basic Ethical Norms
129 There Are Just and Unjust Choices - Church Teaching Helps
130 There Are Times the Law Is a Cause of Scandal
131 There Can Be No Justice Today without Solidarity
132 There Is A Basic Right To Proper Diet
133 There Is a Close Connection between Evangelization and Human Development
134 There Is a Global War Against Marriage
135 There Is A Personal And A Social Right To Religious Freedom
136 There Is an Evil in Our Life, Which Is an Incontestable Presence
137 There is Chaos in the Church
138 There Is No ‘Right’ To Euthanasia
139 There is No Equivalence
140 There Is No Place in the Church for Abusers
141 There Is No Saint without a Past, Nor Sinner without a Future
142 There Is No True Democracy Where One Of The Fundamental Freedoms Of The Person Is Trampled On
143 There Is One God And There Is One Mediator
144 There Is Some Good in the World and It Is Worth Fighting For
145 There Remains a Window of Opportunity, But We Must Not Allow It to Close
146 There Will Be No New Feminism Without God
147 These Are Dark Days for Dogma
148 These Blesseds Witness to the Victory of Christ, the Gift That Restores Hope
149 They Bore Fruits of Conversion and Holiness
150 They Call Us to Follow Jesus on the Path of Humility and the Cross
151 They Died Solely for Being Christians
152 They have taken away my Lord, and I know not where they laid Him
153 They Just Won't Go Away: Ancient Heresies in Post-Modern Dress
154 They Loved in Deed and in Truth
155 They Recognized the Lord's Presence
156 They Shall Beat Their Swords Into Plowshares
157 They Shall Look on Him Whom They Have Pierced
158 They Shared Everything They Had
159 They Show Us What To Be Living For
160 They Showed Us Unusual Kindness
161 They Teach Us the Secret of Holiness
162 They Were Proof of God's Providence
163 They Witnessed to Life in a Culture of Death
164 They Yielded to Reality
165 thic of Control: Margaret Sanger, Eugenics, and Planned Parenthood , The
166 Things to Come: Faith, State and Society in a New World
167 Things Worth Dying For: The Nature of a Life Worth Living
168 Think and Pray about Your Vote in Upcoming Election
169 Thinking Of The New Beati I Feel Bound To Honour The Memory Of The Martyrs Of The Orthodox Church
170 Third Centenary of the Union of the Greek-Catholic Church of Romania with the Church of Rome, The
171 Third Council of Constantinople
172 Third Lateran Council
173 Third Millennium, The
174 Third Session of the Council of Trent
175 Thirteenth Session of the Council of Trent
176 Thirtieth Doctor of the Church, The
177 Thirty Days Prayer to St. Joseph
178 This Christmas, May Jesus Be Born Anew in Each of Us, So Our Lives Bring Joy & Hope to All
179 This Contract is Different
180 This Couple Said Yes To Christ's Question
181 This Is My Body
182 This Is Not a Celebration But a Reflection on Common Values
183 This is the day the Lord has made!
184 This Is the Wood of the Cross: Come, Let Us Worship
185 This Land Has a Mother!
186 This Law Goes Too Far
187 This Poor Man Cried and the Lord Heard Him
188 Thomas and the Experience of God
189 Thomas Aquinas: the Angelic Doctor
190 Thomas Groome: His Influence on Religious Education Continues
191 Thomas Jefferson and Freedom of Religion
192 Thomas: the Twin
193 Thoroughly Modern Marriage
194 Those Amazing Cappadocians
195 Those Humbling Themselves Will be Exalted
196 Those Misleading Leading Theologians
197 Those Who Administer Justice in the Church Must Remember the Good Shepherd
198 Those Who Harm Little Ones Would Be Better Off Being Drowned in the Depths of the Sea
199 Those Who Have Experienced Hell Can Be Prophets for Society
200 Those Who Practice Mercy Do Not Fear Death
201 Those Who Take the Path of Evil Are Excommunicated
202 Thou Shalt Not Allow Homosexuals to Become Catholic Priests
203 Thought and Culture in the Thirteenth Century
204 Thoughts on “Roman Catholics for Obama ’08”
205 Thoughts on a 'New Beginning' and an Old Truth
206 Thoughts on a New Knighthood
207 Thoughts on Differentiating the 'Church' from 'churches'
208 Thoughts on the Instrumentum Laboris
209 Thoughts on the Mission of St. Paul
210 Thread for Weaving Joy, A
211 Threat To Christianity?
212 Three American Sophomores: the Restlessness of Thomas Merton, J. D. Salinger & Jack Kerouac
213 Three Anti-Social Doctrines of Luther
214 Three Bishops Refute Flawed Theology of Fr. Andrew Greeley
215 Three Children of Fatima, The
216 Three Contemporary Worldviews
217 Three Co-Patronesses of Europe
218 Three False Christs: The Myth, the Mortal, and the Guru
219 Three Gifts Suited for Our Confused and Troubled Age
220 Three Men of Extraordinary Holiness
221 Three Powerful Sacramentals to Have in Your Home
222 Three Simple Questions on the Threshold of Lent
223 Three Ways to Obtain an Indulgence for the 100-Year Fatima Anniversary
224 Three Wise Men Were Seekers after God, The
225 Threefold Miracle, The
226 Throne of God: The Only Rock that Does Not Change
227 Thursday of Holy Week
228 Thursday of the Fifth Week of Lent
229 Thursday of the Fourth Week of Lent
230 Thy Kingdom Come
231 Tide of Vain Credulity: the Church's Role in Apparitions, The
232 Time for Action Is Now!, The
233 Time for Catholics to Act
234 Time for Christians to Engage with the World, A
235 Time for Clean Alternatives
236 Time for Healing, Not Lamenting
237 Time for Honesty, A
238 Time Has Come to Apply Principles of Authentic Religious Freedom, The
239 Time Has Come to Ensure that Everywhere in the World Effective Freedom of Religion Is Guaranteed
240 Time Is Near: Five Common Misinterpretations Of The Book Of Revelation, The
241 Time Itself Is Now Pervaded By Eternity
242 Time of Peace, A
243 Time of Youth, The
244 Time To Examine Biomedical Experimentation
245 Time To Fast And Pray For Peace, A
246 Time to Push Back
247 Timely Lesson of St. Frances Cabrini: No Fear of Money, The
248 Timothy and Titus
249 Tired of Being Called a Morality Cop (and Other Bad Names)?
250 Tireless spirit of service through sufferings, trials
251 To Accept Christ Is To Meet And Accept All People
252 To All Religious
253 To Attain Lasting Peace, Trust Must First Be Re-Created Aomng Christ's Disciples
254 To Be Able to Confess Our Sins Is a Gift from God
255 To Be Christian Means to Walk with Christ
256 To Be Christian, We Must Be Marian
257 To Bishops: Stand Beside Those Who Are Marginalized
258 To Bless, To Be Born and To Find
259 To Brazilian Bishops: Society Thrists for Spirituality
260 To Brazilian Prelates: Support Christian Families
261 To Catholic Charismatics
262 To Children Ask Your Parents to Pray with You
263 To Communicate Gospel Art Is Extremely Helpful
264 To Consecrated People: Imitate the Life of St. Paul
265 To Defend Human Life Is to Know Its Beauty
266 To Dwell on 'Your Holy Mountain'
267 To Educate Is to Seek Meaning in Everything
268 To Give Space to the Elderly Is to Give Space to Life
269 To Grow In Knowledge and Love of Jesus Christ
270 To Honor Mary is to Go to Jesus
271 To Japanese Prelates: Faith Is a Treasure to be Shared
272 To Kneel Or Not To Kneel. . .
273 To Live and Die in a Compassionate Community
274 To Live as God's People
275 To Live In Extreme Poverty Offends Human Dignity
276 To Make Sure We Really Protect Children, We Need Answers
277 To Make the Invisible Visible
278 To Mary I Entrust All Of You: Christians And Non-Christians Alike
279 To Men and Women Religious (Redemptionis Donum)
280 To Penetrate Hearts with the Gospel
281 To Pray Always: the Liturgy of the Hours
282 To Pray for the Living and the Dead
283 To Promote a ‘Clean Finance’ With a ‘Human Face'
284 To Propose the Truth, the Catholic Moment Requires Five Transformations
285 To Reflect on the Name I Have Chosen
286 To Scottish Bishops: Renew Focus on Lay Apostolate
287 To Seek God and to Let Oneself Be Found by Him
288 To Serve Is to Do the Will of Others
289 To Show That 'Being' Means 'Being Religious'
290 To the Catholic Clergy on Priestly Sanctity (Haerent Animo)
291 To the Christian Faithful and All People of Good Will on the Occasion of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement
292 To The Heads of the Belligerent Peoples
293 To the Left of Martin Luther
294 To the Pilgrim People of God in Chile
295 To The Power Of Witness, Add The Gentleness Of Personal Dialogue
296 To the Tribunal of the Roman Rota: Do Not Ensnare Salvation in the Constraints of Legalism
297 To the World Social Forum of Migrations
298 To Those Who Share in His Triumph Over Death The Lord Grants Courage to Build Up a New Humanity
299 To Transmit The Faith We Need Cultures Open To Christ
300 To Walk, to Build, to Witness, Always with the Cross of Christ
301 To You All Flesh Shall Come With Its Burden Of Sin
302 Tocqueville's "Administrative Decentralization" and the Catholic Principle of Subsidiarity
303 Tocquevillian in the Vatican, A
304 Todah Sacrifice as Pattern for the Eucharist, The
305 Today in Poland There is a Need for True Heralds of the Gospel and Messengers of the Truth
306 Today the Heavens Proclaim Her Sister
307 Today the Prophecy of Isaiah Is Fulfilled
308 Today We Also Need a Mother
309 Today We Have Touched Martyrs
310 Today We See Our Journey is not in Vain
311 Today We Wish to Raise, Side by Side, from the Heart of This Country, the Lord's Prayer
312 Today, the Son of God Is Born, and Everything Changes
313 Today's Crisis of Faith
314 Today's Task Is to Forge a new Bond Between Faith and Culture
315 Together for Europe, Necessary Today More than Ever
316 Together with Young People, Let Us Bring the Gospel to All
317 Together You Can Build The Future
318 Tolerance and Reciprocity
319 Tolerating Terror
320 Tolkien's Catholic Imagination
321 Too Many Invalid Annulments
322 Top Amchurch Catechists Subvert Church’s Doctrine and Discipline
323 Top Priority Is Protecting Children in This Digital Age
324 Tort Reform and Thomas More: Lessons from a Christian Lawyer
325 Totalitarianism in Alberta
326 Totalitarianism in Alberta - Part II
327 Tough Love
328 Tourism and Sustainable Energy: Powering Sustainable Development
329 Tourism Should Be Enlightened and Transformed by the Word of God
330 Tourism: Challenges and Possibilities
331 Toward a Definition of Liturgical Chant
332 Toward a Eucharistic Spirit
333 Toward A New Paradigm Of The Real Presence
334 Toward an Ars Celebrandi in Liturgy
335 Towards a Better Distribution of Land: the Challenge of Agrarian Reform
336 Towards a Pastoral Approach to Culture
337 Towards a Renewed Vision of Priestly Ministry and Identity
338 Towards an Authentic Implementation of Sacrosanctum Concilium
339 Towards Reforming the International Financial and Monetary Systems in the Context of Global Public Authority
340 Toying With Evil: May a Catholic Advocate Torture?
341 Traditi Humilitati (On His Program For The Pontificate)
342 Tradition Is the History of the Spirit Acting in the Church
343 Tradition, Doctrine, Magisterium, and Novelty
344 Traditional Catholic Scholars Long Opposed Fr. Brown's Theories
345 Traditional Family Law: Connecting Marriage with Children
346 Traditional Liturgy as a Liberation from Egoism
347 Traditionalist Honeymoon Is Over, The
348 Traditions of the Christmas Manger, The
349 Trafficking in Your Own Backyard
350 Trafficking is a Crime Against Humanity
351 Training Candidates for the Priesthood
352 Training Children Today for Marriages Tomorrow
353 Traits of Christian Humanism, The
354 Tranquility Or The Cross?
355 Transcendent Value of Every Person, The
356 Transcript of Pope Francis' Airborne Press Conference From Korea
357 Transform The Community Into A Great Family Sowing The Spirit Of Pardon, Mercy
358 Transform The World From Within
359 Transform Your Lives by Accepting the Holy Spirit
360 Transforming the Culture of Fatherlessness
361 Transforming Weakness into Strength
362 Transgressive Liturgy
363 Transhumanism
364 Transmission of Faith in the Family, The
365 Transmitting the Catholic Faith
366 Transmitting the Passion for Christ to the World
367 Transparency, Honesty and Responsibility
368 Transubstantiation and Reason
369 Transubstantiation--the Literal Truth
370 Treasure Hunt, A
371 Treating Causes of Beatification and Canonization
372 Treatise on the Blessed Sacrament By Blessed Thomas More, A
373 Tree Planted Near Running Waters, A
374 Trials of a Shepherd
375 Tribalism Is Defeated by Listening, Opening One's Heart, and Dialogue
376 Tribus Circiter (On The Mariavites Or Mystic Priests Of Poland)
377 Tribute to Pope Benedict XVI
378 Tridentine Rite Conference and Its Schismatic Cousins (Part 2)
379 Tridentine Rite Conference and Its Schismatic Cousins, The (Part 1)
380 Trinitarian Monotheism Is the Source of Peace
381 Trinity in the Life of the Church, The
382 Trinity Is Mysteriously Present in Creation
383 Trinity Is Present in Christ's Resurrection
384 Trinity: Fountain of Love and Light, The
385 Triumph of Teresian Trust, The
386 Trivializing Christ Our Lord
387 Trojan Horses: Catholic Dissidents Network
388 Trouble with Catholicism, The
389 Trouble With Anglo-Catholicism, The
390 Trouble With Harry, The
391 Troublesome Saint, A
392 Troublesome Term 'Secular', The
393 True Anchor Is Faith in Christ
394 True and False Martyrdom
395 True and False Martyrdom
396 True Christian Peace
397 True Compassion Always Respects God's Gift of Life
398 True Criterion Of Family Is Loving Marital Union
399 True Devotion to the Virgin Always Leads Us to Jesus
400 True Devotion: The Book and the Practice
401 True Dialogue Gives Us Courage
402 True Dimension of God's Mercy, The
403 True Ecumenism Demands Healing, Holiness, Prayer
404 True Education Liberates
405 True Educator Must Take Risks, The
406 True Evangelical, Ecclesial, and Missionary Spirit: Characteristics of Confraternities
407 True Evangelization Entails Development Of Person In Society
408 True Evangelization Sparks A Passion For Gospel Ideals
409 True Face of Messiah Gradually Revealed
410 True Face of the Church Is a Place Where God Draws Near and Encounters Humanity, The
411 True Freedom
412 True Human Joy Is Found in God
413 True Human Love Reflects the Divine
414 True Humanism Opens Man to God
415 True Lesson of St. Athanasius, The
416 True Liturgy Is a Reflection of Heaven
417 True Love Knows How To Roll Up Its Sleeves
418 True Marriage Requires a Reciprocal Gift of Exclusive, Indissoluble and Fruitful Love Commitment
419 True Meaning of Catholic Action, The
420 True Measure Of A Society's Greatness Is Well-being Of Children
421 True Religion Opposes Violence As Offensive To The Name Of God
422 True Revolution, The
423 True Salvation Is Found in the Cross of Christ
424 True Source of Christian Charity
425 True Wisdom Is A Participation In The Mind Of God
426 True Witness and Spiritual Masters
427 Trust He Who Says ‘Get Up! Rise!
428 Trust in God and Follow His Teachings
429 Trust in God Who Supports Faithful
430 Trusting in God Like St. Isidore the Farmer
431 Truth about Caritas in Veritate, The
432 Truth about the Spanish Inquisition, The
433 Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality, The
434 Truth and the Law: Legal Should Also Mean Moral
435 Truth Cannot be Subject to Negotiation
436 Truth Finds Its Unity in Jesus Christ
437 Truth has Sprung Up, Bringing Kindness, Justice and Peace
438 Truth is Not Given Up in the Name of a Desire for Peace
439 Truth Makes Us Good and Goodness Is True, The
440 Truth of Church Teaching on Sexuality Missing in Synod Document
441 Truth or Charity?
442 Truth, Proclamation and Authenticity of Life in the Digital Age
443 Tuesday of the Fourth Week of Lent
444 Turkey is a Natural Bridge between Two Continents and Diverse Cultures
445 Turkey: Guarantees of Freedom of Religion and Worship
446 Turn to the Virgin Mary in Times of Difficulty
447 Turning Our Back on Creator's Plan Provokes Disorder
448 Turning Point?, A
449 Turning Public Libraries into Public Latrines
450 Turning Toward God: Celebrating the Mass Ad Orientem
451 TV's Fatal Attraction
452 Twelfth Session of the Council of Trent
453 Twelve Latin Chants Every Catholic Should Know
454 Twelve Objections to the Beatification of Pius XII
455 Twelve Step Program for Bishops, A
456 Twentieth Session of the Council of Trent
457 Twenty years after the Catechism of the Catholic Church for the New Evangelization
458 Twenty-fifth Session of the Council of Trent
459 Twenty-first Session of the Council of Trent
460 Twenty-Four Fundamental Theses of Official Catholic Philosophy - Part One, The
461 Twenty-Four Fundamental Theses of Official Catholic Philosophy - Part Two, The
462 Twenty-fourth Session of the Council of Trent
463 Twenty-Second Session of the Council of Trent
464 Twenty-Six Crosses on a Hill
465 Twenty-Third Session of the Council of Trent
466 Twenty-Third World Youth Day: Stimulus to a Mature Faith
467 Twisted, Fruitless Tree, A
468 Twisting the Knife
469 Two Blesseds Manifest 'Works of God'
470 Two Cities, The
471 Two Great Heresies of the Reformation
472 Two Lourdes Miracles and a Nobel Laureate: What Really Happened?
473 Two Meanings of "Unjust Discrimination", The
474 Two Million People Attend Krakow Mass
475 Two Terrible Translations
476 Two Theological Models in Comparison: Bernard and Abelard
477 Two Urgent Tasks: Evangelize the Culture, Help Build a Culture of Life
478 Two Years into His Pontificate
479 Two-Fold Use of the One Roman Rite, A
480 Tyndale's Heresy
481 Tyranny of Misunderstood Freedom, The