Catholic Culture Dedication
Catholic Culture Dedication

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1 La Pequenita of the Indios
2 Laborem Exercens (On Human Work)
3 Lack of Hope In Life Is the "Dark" Evil of Modern Society
4 Lack of Hope Is the Real Poverty
5 Lack of Job Security Affects Development of Society
6 Lacrimabili Statu (On The Indians Of South America)
7 Laetamur Admodum (Renewing Exhortation For Prayers For Peace For Poland, Hungary, And The Middle East)
8 Laetamur Magnopere
9 Laetitiae Sanctae (Commending Devotion To The Rosary)
10 LaHaying The Rapture On Thick
11 Laicity, Christianity, the West: an Historical Profile
12 Laity In The Liturgy: What Is Their 'Ministeriality'?
13 Laity Should Accept Active Co-Responsibility for the Work of the Church, The
14 Lamentabili Sane -- Syllabus Condemning the Errors of the Modernists
15 Land and the Spirit, The
16 Landscapes of Nothingness
17 Language and its Implications
18 Language In the Roman Rite Liturgy: Latin and Vernacular
19 Language of Beauty
20 Language Of Christian Art, The
21 Language of Love, The
22 Language of the Body & the Mass, The
23 Languages of Biblical Translation, The
24 Large Families Are the Hope of Society
25 Large Family, The
26 Last Ancient Patriarch of Jerusalem: Saint Sophronius, The
27 Last Discourse of St. Oliver Plunket
28 Last Mass of Father Ragheed, a Martyr of the Chaldean Church, The
29 Last Shall Be First, The
30 Last Straw: Quitting the Bishops' Review Board, The
31 Last Supper Sets Mystery of Love Before Us
32 Last Testament of H.M.C.M., Louis XVI
33 Last Vocation - To Grow Old Gracefully, A
34 Last Wall, The
35 Last Will and Testament of Pope John XXIII
36 Latest War Against Marriage, The
37 Latin America Is Truly Blessed with Faith
38 Latin America: Safeguarding Faith and Cultural Dynamism
39 Latin: Vehicle of Unity between Peoples and Cultures
40 Latina Lingua
41 Laudato si'
42 Launch Us on the Adventure of Mercy
43 Launching the Catechism for Australia
44 Launching the Fortnight for Freedom
45 Law & the Gospel of Life
46 Law and Morality in Public Discourse: How Christians Can Rebuild Our Culture
47 Law as a Carrier of Culture, The
48 Law Is Intrinsically Linked to the Essence of Marriage
49 Law Is the Condition of Love
50 Law Must Be Accepted to Be Valid, A
51 Law of the Cross, The
52 Law of the Gift, The
53 Law of the Lord Is Perfect, It Revives the Soul, The
54 Laws Must Support Rights of Family
55 Lay Activity Calls For Greater Presence Of Priests
56 Lay Apostolate Is Distinct and Noble in Its Own Right
57 Lay Catholics in Schools: Witnesses to Faith
58 Lay Mission Is to Imbue the World with Christian Spirit
59 Lay Participation in Church Governance
60 Laying of the Foundation-Stone of a Church, The
61 Layman in the Church, The
62 Layman's View of Layman's Spirituality, A
63 Le Pelerinage De Lourdes (Warning Against Materialism)
64 Le Puy
65 Leaders of Society Must Ensure That People Are Never Objects
66 Learn by Observing the Life of Children
67 Learn from Mary to Recognize the Presence of the Spirit
68 Learn Liturgy Well to Live Fully Every Mass
69 Learn to Love Mary, Our Heavenly Mother
70 Learn to Serve Like Mary
71 Learning the Beatitudes
72 Learning to Leave
73 Learning to Read the Bible
74 Leave Aside Personal Ambitions That Do Much Harm to the Church
75 Leave Behind All Past Wrongs and Wounds, and Build Fellowship with All
76 Lectio Divina: Daily Information for a New Life
77 Led by the Spirit for Mission
78 Left Behind: Any Link With The Early Church
79 Legacy of Teilhard?, The
80 Legal and Sacramental Preparation Needed for Married Couples
81 Legalizing Euthanasia by Omission: And Making It a Doctor's Order
82 Legitimacy of Capital Punishment, The
83 Legitimate Diversity Must Not Divide
84 Leisure as the Basis of Home Life
85 Leisure: The Life and Health of the Soul
86 Lent and Reality
87 Lent and the Family
88 Lent Challenges Our Routine and Sets Us on a Path of Conversion
89 Lent Is a Journey of Hope
90 Lent Is a Journey of Return to God
91 Lent Is a Time for Opening Our Eyes to the Injustices that Stand in the Way of God's Plan
92 Lent Is The Time For A Conversion Along The Path Of Free Gift
93 Lent Rediscovering Our Baptism
94 Lent, A Great Spiritual Retreat Lasting Forty Days
95 Lent, A Time for More Intense Prayer and Penance
96 Lent, A Time to Shoulder Our Christian Responsibilities
97 Lent, Time of Conversion and Reconciliation
98 Lent: a Time for Renewing Faith, Hope and Love
99 Lent: Crossing the Desert, Abandoning Ourselves to God
100 Lent: Experiencing the Regenerating Mercy of God
101 Lent: God Invites Us to Individual Conversion
102 Lenten Music
103 Lenten Prayer: Restore Us As A Culture of Life, A
104 Lenten Reflection: The Father of Lies. . . and the Triumph of Truth
105 Lenten Workshop, The
106 Leo the Great: A Lion of God
107 Leo XIII Decried the Pernicious Impact of Divorce
108 Leo XIII Knew Socialism Would Fail because It Was Evil
109 Leo XIII: “Taxing the Rich Does Not Help the Poor”
110 Leo XIII: “Without Faith, Liberty Degenerates into License”
111 Leo XIII: A Man of Great Faith & Profound Devotion
112 Leo XIII's Decision on Anglican Orders: The Extrinsic Argument
113 Leo XIII's Decision on Anglican Orders: The Intrinsic Argument
114 Leo’s Guilds a Far Cry from Today’s Unions
115 Leonard Feeney Quarrel and Pius IX on Invincible Ignorance, The
116 Leonardo Boff and Liberation Theology
117 Lepanto, 1571: The Battle that Saved Europe
118 Les Revelations Privees: Quelques Remarques Theologiques
119 Lessons From Our Lady of Knock
120 Lessons In Obedience and God's Will Are Part of Daily Life
121 Let Every Creature Bless the Lord
122 Let Fire of Christ's Love Be Kindled on Earth
123 Let Freedom Ring!
124 Let God Carry Out His Plan
125 Let God Purify Our Hearts & Experience Fullness of Joy
126 Let My People Go: the Catholic Church and Slavery
127 Let No Hatred, No Conflict, No War Be Kindled or Justified in the Name of the World's Great Religions
128 Let the Church Shine in Splendour
129 Let the Lord Make Your Life Into a Gift of Love
130 Let the Risen Christ into Our Lives
131 Let the Vehicles of Hope Never Again Become Vehicles of Death
132 Let The World Praise Faithful God
133 Let Us Allow Ourselves To Be Challenged by the Child in the Manger
134 Let Us Allow Ourselves to Be Shaken, Purified and Consoled
135 Let Us Ask for the Apostolic Strength to Bring the Gospel to Others
136 Let Us Ask for the Grace to Be Amazed
137 Let Us Ask the Lord to Inspire a New Spirit of Harmony and Solidarity Among the Churches
138 Let Us Be "Protectors" of Creation, Not Allowing Omens of Destruction and Death to Accompany Our World's Journey
139 Let Us Be Close to All Families, Especially Those in Difficulty
140 Let Us Celebrate Life!
141 Let Us Draw Courage From Our Crucified & Risen Lord
142 Let Us Entrust This Time to the Maternal Protection of Our Lady
143 Let Us Follow the Light that God Gives
144 Let Us Follow the Path of Serving the Lord
145 Let Us Forgive and Ask Forgiveness!
146 Let us Give Children a Future of Peace
147 Let Us Go For Our People
148 Let Us Go Forward Together to Full Unity!
149 Let us go out to meet Christ the Lord, for he is coming!
150 Let Us Live What We Celebrate
151 Let Us Look to the New Saints in Light of the Word of God
152 Let Us Love, Not with Words But with Deeds
153 Let Us Move the Accent from Sociological Issues to Faith
154 Let Us Never Tire of Saying "Our Father"
155 Let Us Never Yield to the Temptation of Thinking That We Cannot Be Forgiven
156 Let Us Not "Say" the Rosary
157 Let Us Not Deprive the World of the Proclamation of the Resurrection
158 Let Us Offer the World New Signs of Hope
159 Let Us Open Our Eyes to Our Neighbors Who Are Forgotten and Excluded
160 Let Us Reaffirm Our Faith!
161 Let Us Return with Joy to the Eucharist
162 Let Us Take Mercy to Every Part of the World
163 Let Us Tirelessly Climb the Mountain of Holiness
164 Let Us Walk Together Free, Obedient, United in the Love of Christ
165 Let Us Work to Build an Integral Humanism
166 Let Yourselves Be Shaped by the Spirit
167 Let’s Invite Him into Our Hearts, to Always Preserve Joy of Christmas
168 Let’s Make a Deal: Catholic Conscience and Compromise
169 Let's Take the First Step
170 Letter En reponse a la demande to presidents of those conferences of bishops petitioning the indult for communion in the hand
171 Letter And Critique On Liturgiam Authenticam
172 Letter Calling for Plenary Council for US Church
173 Letter Calls for New ICEL Statutes
174 Letter Concerning 'Call to Action'
175 Letter Concerning Pilgrimage to the Places Linked to the History of Salvation
176 Letter Concerning the Dogmatic Definition of Mary as Coredemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate for the People of God
177 Letter for Holy Thursday 2001
178 Letter for the 15th Centenary of Death of St. John Chrysostom
179 Letter for the Sanctification of the Clergy
180 Letter for Year of Consecrated Life
181 Letter from Bishop Guglielmone to Papal Nuncio
182 Letter from Cardinal Arinze to Bishop Skylstad about Liturgical Translations
183 Letter from Cardinal Ottaviani to His Holiness Pope Paul VI
184 Letter from Confraternity President to Bishop Wilton Gregory
185 Letter from the Australian Bishops to the Catholic people of Australia
186 Letter from the Holy Office Concerning Fr. Leonard Feeney
187 Letter from US Nuncio on Fr. Gobbi
188 Letter from US Nuncio on Fr. Gobbi's "Private Meditations"
189 Letter Granting Indulgence during the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy
190 Letter of Pope Francis to the People of God
191 Letter of April 19, 1985 to U.S. Bishops Concerning Masonry
192 Letter of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger on "The Many Faces of Aids"
193 Letter of Cardinal Ratzinger Regarding Dominus Iesus
194 Letter of the Holy Father Francis to the Faithful for the month of May 2020
195 Letter of the Sacred Congregation of the Holy Office
196 Letter of the Superior General of the Priestly Society of Saint Pius X
197 Letter on 4th Centenary of Death of St Ignatius
198 Letter on Certain Questions Concerning Eschatology
199 Letter on the Gospel of Work
200 Letter on the Occasion of the World Day of Prayer for the Sanctification of Priests
201 Letter on the Occasion of the World Day of Prayer for the Sanctification of Priests 2009
202 Letter on the Year of Faith by Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, S.J.
203 Letter Regarding Female Altar Servers
204 Letter Regarding Sexual Abuse Crisis in the Church
205 Letter Regarding Translation of 'Pro Multis'
206 Letter Rejecting ICEL Translation of Rite of Ordination
207 Letter Sent to Bishops with Pre-release Version of Humanae Vitae
208 Letter to the Catholic Church in China
209 Letter to All the Faithful
210 Letter to Bishop David Foley
211 Letter to Bishops on the Minimum Repertoire of Plain Chant (Voluntati Obsequens)
212 Letter to Cardinal Cushing
213 Letter to Cardinal William Henry Keeler on Pro-Life Activities
214 Letter to Catholic Faithful of MN Concerning the Resumption of Public Worship
215 Letter to Clergy Stating Abuse Revelations Are Sign of "Profoundly Spiritual Crisis"
216 Letter to Divine Will Proponents
217 Letter To Eileen Hall
218 Letter to Families
219 Letter to Families
220 Letter to Families, A
221 Letter to Father Edward Schillebeeckx
222 Letter to Neocatechumenal Way
223 Letter to Pastors about "The Golden Compass"
224 Letter to President Bush on the Iraq Situation
225 Letter to President Clinton
226 Letter to Priests 2012
227 Letter to Priests for Holy Thursday, 1996
228 Letter to Priests on Feast of St. John Vianney, the Curé of Ars
229 Letter to Priests on the Eucharist and Pastoral Care of Children
230 Letter to Priests on the Holy Eucharist
231 Letter to the Bishops of the Catholic Church on the Collaboration of Men and Women in the Church and in the World
232 Letter to the Bishops on the Occasion of the Publication of Summorum Pontificum
233 Letter to the Bishops Regarding the New Revison to the Catechism on the Death Penalty
234 Letter to the Elderly
235 Letter to the Faithful of the Diocese of Fort Worth Regarding Former Cardinal McCarrick and the Protection of Minors
236 Letter to the General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops on the Family from Polish Lay Organization
237 Letter To The Romans, A
238 Letter to the Romans, A Living Message for the Church
239 Letter to Thierry Boutet
240 Letter to Women (In Preparation for the Beijing Conference)
241 Letters Concerning the State of the Society of St. Pius X
242 Letters From Life's Other Side
243 Letters to Members of Wisconsin Legislature
244 Levate (On The Afflictions Of Church)
245 Leviticus and the True Sacrifice
246 Lex Natura
247 Liberal Education And The Common Good: The Usefulness Of Useless Things
248 Liberal Myths Have Consequences
249 Liberalism Brings Slavery When It Confuses License with Liberty
250 Liberalism’s Three Assaults
251 Liberating Beauty of Consecrated Life, The
252 Liberating Potential
253 Liberating Truth of Catholic Teaching on Sexual Morality, The
254 Liberation Theology
255 Liberation Theology: A Debate
256 Liberation Theology's Civil War
257 Liberation Theology's Civil War
258 Liberationism for North America
259 Libertas (On The Nature Of Human Liberty)
260 Licensing of Parents: Totalitarianism Reaches For the Whole Human Race
261 Licet Multa (On Catholics In Belgium)
262 Lies Exposed by Photos and Videos
263 Lies of Scientism, The
264 Life and "Crimes" of Cardinal Jozsef Mindszenty, The
265 Life and Health in the Third Millennium
266 Life as a Vocation
267 Life Dedicated to God Is Never Spent in Vain, A
268 Life Hidden in Christ Is Living Cross for World
269 Life in the 'Kingdom of Whatever'
270 Life in the Late Republic: The Catholic Role in America after Virtue
271 Life in the Spirit Transcends Even Death
272 Life is a Constant Call to ‘Go Forth’
273 Life Is a Journey That Cannot Be Traveled Alone
274 Life Is Meaningless Without the Cross
275 Life of Heroic Humility and Obedience, A
276 Life of Poverty in Service to the Poor, A
277 Life of Saint Paul before and after Damascus
278 Life of St. Lucy
279 Life of St. Paul, The
280 Life of the Friars Minor: 'to Observe the Holy Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ', The
281 Life Teen Problems Go Beyond the Rubrics
282 Life Without God Undermines the Truth About Man
283 Life: God's Gift that Demands Respect, Care
284 Life-Giving Love in an Age of Technology
285 Lifelong Christian Training Enables Us To Hear The Voice Of Christ The Teacher
286 Life-Long Conversion
287 Lifelong Encounter with Jesus, A
288 Light For The Nations, Glory Of Israel
289 Light from Aquinas
290 Light in the Christmas Season
291 Light of Easter Dispels Darkness of Fear
292 Light of St. Lucy
293 Light of the East (Orientale Lumen), The
294 Light Shines in the Risen Christ
295 Light the Shepherd Children Saw WAs the Son of God, The
296 Light to the Nations: The Meaning and Future of the Catholic Church, A
297 Like a Loving Mother
298 Like Candles, Burn with the Love of Christ
299 Like Elijah, Let’s Persevere in Prayer
300 Like Jesus Christ, Forced to Flee
301 Like Moses, I Am Standing on Sacred Ground
302 Like St Paul, Preach the Gospel to All
303 Like the Magi May We Dream, Seek and Adore
304 Like the Magi, ‘We Need to Grow in Adoration’
305 Lily and the Cross, The
306 Limitation of Warfare, The
307 Limitations on Dialog and Toleration, The
308 Limiting the Harm Using Proportionate Reasons
309 Lineamenta: Special Assembly for the Middle East
310 Lineamenta: The Word of God in the Life and Mission of the Church
311 Link between the Protection of Nature and the Building of a Just and Equitable Social Order, The
312 Lion, the Witch, and the Silver Screen, The
313 List of Catechism Changes
314 Listen To and Look At Jesus to Illuminate the Soul
315 Listen to God Without Delay, or Reservation
316 Listen To Good News Of Consolation
317 Listen to the Laity
318 Listening and Liturgy
319 Listening Heart: Reflections on the Foundations of Law, The
320 Listening to the Cry of the Earth and of the Poor
321 Listening, Discerning and Living the Call of Lord
322 Litany Before or After Holy Communion
323 Litany of Supplication
324 Litany of the Twelve Promises of the Sacred Heart
325 Literary Influence of St. Jerome, The
326 Litteras A Vobis (On The Clergy In Brazil)
327 Little and Great, Noble in Spirit as a King, Simple and Natural as a Peasant
328 Little Murders
329 Little Office of Our Lady, The
330 Little Publisher on the Prairie
331 Liturgiam Authenticam: on the Use of Vernacular Languages in the Publication of the Books of the Roman Liturgy
332 Liturgicae Instaurationes
333 Liturgical Design Consultant Reveals His New Age Religion
334 Liturgical Directives
335 Liturgical Languages
336 Liturgical Matters
337 Liturgical Music and the Restoration of the Sacred
338 Liturgical Renewal -- a sign of the New Springtime of Evangelization?
339 Liturgical Renewal Has Been Run By Sexual Liberationists
340 Liturgical Theology of the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart, The
341 Liturgical Translation: A Question of Truth
342 Liturgical Year: a Celebration of Christ, The
343 Liturgical-Pastoral Guidelines On the December 14th Fast and Prayer for Peace
344 Liturgy a True School of Prayer
345 Liturgy and ‘Supersessionism’, The
346 Liturgy and Prayer Unite Us to Christ
347 Liturgy of the Hours in Our Lives of Prayer
348 Liturgy of the Hours in the Life of the Parish, The
349 Liturgy of the Hours, The
350 Liturgy Prepares Us to Receive Christ in Holy Communion, The
351 Liturgy Preserves Faith Experience of Generations
352 Liturgy, A School of Prayer, The
353 Liturgy, Authority, and Postmodernity
354 Liturgy, the Church in Total Relationship with Jesus Christ Mediator Dei, The
355 Liturgy: A Gift from Christ through the Church
356 Liturgy: Benedict XVI Brings the Neocatechumenals Back to the Right Way
357 Live and Work in the Synod's Spirit: 'Communion'
358 Live in Faith and in Service
359 Live Lives Enlightened by the Truth of Christ
360 Lives Are Saved, But Some Vaccines Aren't Morally Neutral
361 Living as a Believer in the Nation We Have Now
362 Living Bread Come Down from Heaven!, The
363 Living Faith Transmitted by the Universal Church Is Basis of Dialogue for All Parties
364 Living Icons of the Good Shepherd
365 Living in a Spirit of Truth
366 Living Liturgy for a Living Church, A
367 Living Out Gospel Poverty in an Age of Prosperity
368 Living the Gospel of Life; a Challenge to American Catholics
369 Living the Truth that 'God Loves His People'
370 Living With Faith and Hope After September 11
371 Living within the Truth: Religious Liberty and Catholic Mission in the New Order of the World
372 Local Church of Rome, The
373 Local Churches Have Missionary Task
374 Local Churches Must Incorporate the Patrimony of Faith and Culture of Catholic Immigrants
375 Locating a Tabernacle
376 Logic of Sharing and Not of Profit Is the Ultimate Good
377 Long And Winding Road
378 Look Ahead to the Future Stretching Out Before You
379 Look at Dave Hunt, Leading Anti-Catholic Fundamentalist, A
380 Look for Pastors Not Princes for Episcopacy
381 Look to Heaven for True Justice
382 Look to the Future with Confidence, Relying on God's Fidelity
383 Look To the Future with Faith and Trust
384 Look to the Future With Hope
385 Look to the Future Without Forgetting Glorious Past
386 Look to the Young
387 Look Towards the World to Come
388 Look Up to Jesus, Dare to Set Out and Give Freely
389 Look Upon the World With Eyes of Love
390 Look Your Faithful In the Eyes and Know Them
391 Looking at 'Cybrids', Human-Animal Hybrids
392 Looking at Mental Illness from a Holistic Persepctive
393 Looking Eastward
394 Looking to the East
395 Lord Comes To Judge The Earth, The
396 Lord Crowns the Poor with Salvation, The
397 Lord Descends into Hell, The
398 Lord Enters His Temple, The
399 Lord Has Anointed Me, The
400 Lord Has Exalted These Lowly Ones, The
401 Lord Is Alive!, The
402 Lord Is Close to Each One of Us, The
403 Lord Is Near to Those Who Seek Him, The
404 Lord Is Not Sleeping, The
405 Lord Loves To Be Awaited, The
406 Lord Make Your Promise True: Of Peace There Will Be No End
407 Lord Never Lost Direct Contact with His People, The
408 Lord Reigns From The Cross, The
409 Lord Shall Have Them In Derision, The
410 Lord Solemnly Proclaims His Word, The
411 Lord We Adore Is He Who Washed the Apostles' Feet at the Last Supper, The
412 Lord What Do You Want from My Life?
413 Lord Will Guard You!, The
414 Lord Will Judge With Justice, The
415 Lord, Creator Of The World, Protects His People, The
416 Lord, Give Success to Work of Our Hands
417 Lord…We Have Accompanied Your Son on the Way of the Cross’
418 Lord's Day Must Be Kept Holy by Participating in Sunday Mass
419 Lord's Day, The
420 Lord's Promise To Remain With Us Is A Beacon Of Light
421 Loss of the Sacred, The
422 Lost Generations
423 Lost in the Forest? Some Books on Ecology
424 Lost In Translation
425 Love and . . . Responsibility?
426 Love and Adore the Eucharist with Faith
427 Love and Responsibility: Avoiding Fatal Attractions
428 Love and Responsibility: Beyond the Sexual Urge
429 Love and Responsibility: The Battle for Purity
430 Love and Serve the Church Like St Joseph
431 Love and Solidarity for the Dying
432 Love and the Common Good
433 Love at the Heart of a Good Confession
434 Love Binds All Christian Communities
435 Love for Jesus and His Church Must Be the Passion of Our Lives!
436 Love for Truth Links the Canonical and Pastoral
437 Love Has Triumphed Over Hatred
438 Love in Christian and Non-Christian Perspectives
439 Love is for Life: Pastoral Letter of the Irish Bishops
440 Love Is Greatest of All the Spirit's Gifts
441 Love Is Incompatible with Idolatry
442 Love Is Shown by Little Things
443 Love Is the Christian Identity
444 Love Is the Meaning of Life
445 Love Is the Only Force That Can Truly Transform the World
446 Love of Christ Urges Us On!, The
447 Love of God and Neighbor Are Inseparable
448 Love Of God And Neighbour Release Power Of Christ
449 Love of Mary Shared by East and West
450 Love One Another as Brothers and Sisters
451 Love Our Lady and Recite the Rosary
452 Love Raises Us Up!
453 Love That Frees The Oppressed From Their Burdens, A
454 Love that Moves the Sun, The
455 Love the Church and Try to Make Her Loved
456 Love the Eucharist, Christ's Gift of Life
457 Love Your Enemies and Pray for Those Who Persecute You
458 Love, Care and Justice Must Be Paramount
459 Lovely Dragon of Choice, The
460 Loving with the Heart and Voice of a Prophet
461 Lower Defences and Open Doors
462 Luctuosissimi Eventus (On Prayers For The People Of Hungary)
463 Ludwig Windthorst: Leader of German Catholics
464 Luigi Sturzo: A Prophet for Today
465 Luisa Piccarreta - Status of her Cause
466 Luisa Piccarreta: A Compilation
467 Lumen Caritatis
468 Lumen Fidei
469 Lust and the Tyranny of Niceness
470 Luther Looks at Islam
471 Luther? Not a Reform but a Revolution
472 Lutheranism and Transubstantiation
473 Lux Veritatis (On The Council Of Ephesus)