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This Insights eNewsletter was sent to subscribers on August 18, 2017.

eNewsletter Subject: The long, hot Summer culture

Tensions boiled over in Charlottesville, Virginia last week during an unlikely white supremacist rally in what most think is a quiet and cultured university town.

Almost nobody seems to understand what is at stake here, so I guess a Catholic voice had to emerge sooner or later. See my latest On the Culture: Charlottesville without Natural Law.

This also makes it a good time to consider the theme chosen by Fr. Jerry Pokorsky this week: Agonizing Moral Restraint. Fr. Pokorsky's example is just war.

We are approaching the end of Summer, the end of staff vacations, and even the end of Vatican vacations. Things will pick up in September. Nonetheless, yesterday was a banner news day:


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