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This Insights eNewsletter was sent to subscribers on July 18, 2017.

eNewsletter Subject: Keeping the Faith, in everything

Better late than never! After an unproductive day trying to program something new, I'll have to keep today's (tonight's?) Insights message brief....

But we do have several new things which are worthy of note, beginning with Fr. Jerry Pokorsky's homiletic essay on the vital importance for all of us of Keeping the Faith.

On a related topic, I've recently fielded questions about the harshness of God in the Old Testament. This issue is often misunderstood, so I've made an effort to shed some light on it. Check this out: Making Sense of the Old Testament God.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Gregory Miller brings you up to date on a very particular and practical issue that is affecting an increasing number of Catholics, and also creating some negative publicity for the Church. See Gluten-Free and Holy Communion.


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