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This Insights eNewsletter was sent to subscribers on February 24, 2017.

eNewsletter Subject: A resurgence of infidelity?

Today I took a close look at a serious problem in the Church which some of us are tempted to ignore. That's because the root of the problem is so unsettling. See Why is there a resurgence of infidelity among Catholic leaders?

Please note that the importance of our Catholic mission is greater now than ever before. We must still raise about $4,000 over the next five days to meet our February expenses. If you have not yet made a contribution, please pitch in now or over the weekend!

Yesterday Phil Lawler commented on the frequency with which the Church shoots herself in the foot when she involves herself in political activism. The relevant news story is Popular movements call for sanctuary, disruption; blast racism, ‘all forms of human hierarchy’.

Phil's commentary sports a singularly appropriate title: The Modesto Statement: playing politics, bishops are conned again.


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