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This Insights eNewsletter was sent to subscribers on August 21, 2015.

eNewsletter Subject: A Theology of News

Those who have been reading my highlights of Henri de Lubac's notes on the Second Vatican Council will remember Cardinal Suenens making this point: A certain theology of the news is necessary among the laity.

That's important to us at, and I'm pleased that our users responded with $2,000 in gifts over the past 24 hours to the request I made for more support. If we can keep that up for the rest of the month, our position will be much better!

Part of the correct reading of the news is perspective. In Phil Lawler's very brief absence (just a few days), Fr. Jerry Pokorsky (a pastor and a co-founder of Adoremus), jumps into On the News to revaluate The Popes, the Pill, and Climate Change.

Or take the news of a study which demonstrates that religious involved people are happier. Is this just random data, or should it be constitutive of a world view? I suggest the latter in Are religious people happier? Why yes, yes they are....

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