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Our Boosters Make a Big Difference to our Success!

What Are the Boosters?

The Boosters are a group of users whose personal apostolic goals coincide so closely with those of that they have decided to play a special role in promoting and supporting our mission to enrich Faith, strengthen the Church and form Catholic culture. The Boosters were formed in March of 2010.

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What Do the Boosters Do?

Boosters provide feedback on our ideas for development; they promote the use of among friends, associates and other contacts; as opportunity provides they alert Trinity Communications to possible support from foundations, parishes and interested associates; they make their own financial sacrifices to support our work; and they keep firmly in their prayers.

A particularly important Booster activity is the development of the Booster Challenge Grant for our annual Fall Campaign. This grant is formed from the combined commitments of roughly a hundred boosters. Commitments have ranged from $100 to $5,000, and the total grant typically reaches about $60,000.

What is Required to Be a Booster?

The main requirement is a strong commitment to the mission of While each Booster undertakes to meet a personal financial goal each year, and this is obviously important, the minimum annual financial commitment is just $250. It is understood that each Booster’s financial situation is different. There are a variety of ways to support our mission, and Boosters do what they can when they can.

How Does Booster Communication Work?’s data record for each Booster is marked for Booster membership, and Boosters are removed from Trinity Communications' normal fund-raising program. Jeff Mirus, President of Trinity Communications, communicates periodically with Boosters by personal email, sometimes asking for feedback on new ideas or announcing new initiatives, firming up the Booster membership each year, recording Booster pledges to the Fall Challenge, and so on.

How Do I Become a Booster?

The original group of Boosters was formed through correspondence with about 125 of's most active donors, of whom forty-eight joined the group. Early each year, key donors from the previous year are invited to join the Boosters, and volunteers from among all supporters are always welcome. The program grew over time, and membership now typically hovers around 100. If you wish to join, simply write to Jeff Mirus at [email protected] and indicate your desire to participate in the Boosters program.

Our Boosters

Irma Alvarez: Bonita, CA, USA

Rev. David Angelino: Houston, TX, USA

Donna Bethell: Washington, DC, USA

Derek Bonen-Clark: Limburg, The Netherlands

Harb Bou-Harb: Damour, Lebanon

Steve Brock: Charlotte, NC, USA

Keith Buckner: Saint Ann, MO, USA

Philip Camill: Fredericksburg, VA, USA

Rev. Richard Castro Huergo, MC: South Lyon, MI, USA

William and Ann Church: Grants, NM, USA

Randy Collins: Green Cove Springs, FL, USA

Charles Cornelio: Greensboro, NC, USA

Frederick Costello: Oak Hill, VA, USA

Virginia Czuba-Dobey: Macon, MO, USA

Samuel Danziger: Irvine, CA, USA

Donald Date: Frederick, MD, USA

Michael de Haas: Le Mesnil le Roi, France

Patricia Derr: Londonderry, NH, USA

Thomas Dietz: Springfield, VA, USA

Jeannie Dupont: Greenwood, PA, USA

Rev. Andrew Florez: Metairie, LA, USA

Kevin Gardner: Baltimore, MD, USA

Deborah Garwood: Houston, TX, USA

Elizabeth Gilleran: Wellesley, MA, USA

Rev. Michael Grisolano: Chicago Ridge, IL, USA

Rev. Gary Gurtler: Weston, MA, USA

Edward Hadas: London, United Kingdom

Joy Heebink: Forest City, IA, USA

Ann Heneghan: County Dublin, Ireland

Frank Heron: Quarryville, PA, USA

Linda Holleran: Houston, TX, USA

Thomas Hudock: Akron, OH, USA

Most Rev. Geoffrey Jarrett: Lismore, NSW, Australia

Robert Johnson: Airmont, NY, USA

David Jones: Ambler, PA, USA

Pilar Jones: Fairfax, VA, USA

John Kleinhenz: Corvallis, OR, USA

Jim Kolenich: Greenville, PA, USA

Anonymous: Elwood, IL, USA

Christopher & Ellen Lee: Alexandria, LA, USA

Donald Leeber: Marco Island, FL, USA

Paul Leone: Orchard Park, NY, USA

Janne Liu: Kent, WA, USA

Charles Maloney: Marshall, VA, USA

Mary Marten: Waggoner, IL, USA

John McCann: Tucson, AZ, USA

Michael McGrath: Carlsbad, CA, USA

Rev. Patrick McNamara: Dublin, Ireland

Robert Means: Lexington, KY, USA

Joseph Meilinger: Greeley, CO, USA

Brian Micke: Como, WA, Australia

David Miller: Falls Church, VA, USA

Thomas Morrison: Denver, CO, USA

Melita Motherway: Mystic, CT, USA

Perry Mowbray: Lawson, NSW, Australia

Richard Muller: Omaha, NE, USA

William Mureiko: Kerens, TX, USA

Anonymous: Limerick, Ireland

Rev. John Naugle: Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Anonymous: Dulles, VA, USA

Richard Neves: Blacksburg, VA, USA

Mike Nichols: Saratoga, CA, USA

George Nolan: Montague, MA, USA

Vincent Ong: Singapore

Joseph Orchard: Union, NJ, USA

Brian Orcutt: Hyde Park, NY, USA

David Pennebaker: Chattanooga, TN, USA

David Peterman: Dallas, TX, USA

Nicholas Picini: Kearny, NJ, USA

Carolyn Pierce, Heuvelton, NY, USA

Mark Pilon, St. Paul, MN, USA

Kenneth Plato: Middleburg, FL, USA

Michael Reavey: Fort Worth, TX, USA

David Schnelly: Tampa, FL, USA

Peter Sebastian: Surbiton, Surrey, United Kingdom

Jim Sheldrup: Seattle, WA, USA

James Slabonik: Harrisburg, PA, USA

Anonymous: Boynton Beach, FL, USA

Marvin Spychaj: Alexandria, VA, USA

Daniel Sullivan: Potomac, MD, USA

Rev. John Szada: Hanover, PA, USA

Maurice Teo: Sham Tseng, NT, Hong Kong

Rev. Mathias Thelen: Jackson, MI, USA

Alan Veeck: Sewickley, PA, USA

Anonymous: South Bend, IN, USA

Matthew Walz: Irving, TX, USA

Maria Weiner: Arkadelphia, AR, USA

Mark Wheeler: Sea Cliff, NY, USA

Margaret Whitbread: Wrentham, MA, USA