Catholic Culture Overview
Catholic Culture Overview

A Church of Hope?

The COVID Essays

by Philip F. Lawler and Jeffrey A. Mirus

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Book Description

In these commentaries posted on during the most intense periods of the COVID pandemic, Phil Lawler and Jeff Mirus provided an ongoing account and evaluation of how both the larger culture and the Catholic Church responded to COVID. Inescapably, then, they raised questions about how the larger culture and the Church should have responded. The situation was not simple. But it still revealed far too much.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction (by Philip F. Lawler)
  • Get more in Phil Lawler’s great book!
  • On the Coronavirus and public Masses
  • Today’s Heresy: Questioning the response to the Coronavirus
  • Rejoice always (or) Adjusting to the order to stay at home
  • One more CO-19 truth: People usually run true to type
  • Pandemic or pandemonium: The first priority is Christ’s life within us.
  • A different sort of Easter: Christ in disguise?
  • Beware: Sacramental Presence is always person-to-person
  • When people suffer disease or disaster, and do not change
  • Church and State in the Pandemic: Benefit of the doubt?
  • Bishops and the secular order: Seek first the kingdom of God
  • No Mass and Communion? Let faith trump feelings.
  • Spiritual Communion: The real thing?
  • Pressure for enforced COVID vaccination (and more?)
  • What should be at issue now in the COVID-19 restrictions?
  • A corrective to the Schneider statement on the COVID vaccines
  • Ways to protest morally-tainted vaccines—and why
  • Ethics and Public Policy Center: COVID vaccination not sinful
  • Contagious Faith in a Church that saves
  • Embarrassed over the Church’s response to COVID?
  • Pandemic paranoia: What must never happen again
  • Following your conscience? 1. Not a blank check
  • Following your conscience? 2. The COVID problem
  • Not guilty? Bad spiritual advice still hurts you.
  • Get more in Phil Lawler’s great book!
  • Quick hits on Covid: one bold bishop, and a plea for more
  • Another balanced moral perspective on fetal tissues and Covid vaccines
  • Bishops’ acquiescence makes restrictions on worship possible
  • Why I won’t take a job at the Vatican
  • ‘A more radical public witness’ on the Covid vaccines
  • Easter in lockdown: ‘How can I keep from singing?’
  • After disrupting liturgy in London, police express empty ‘regret’ but make no promises
  • NOW bishops ask for ethical vaccines: too little, too late
  • When a bishop discourages baptism....
  • On vaccination, NY archdiocese tramples the rights of the faithful
  • Do the media hate Cardinal Burke—or the faith he represents?
  • Vaccination and conscience: a challenge to Church authority
  • The misuse of Church authority on vaccination
  • Fear: a leading comorbidity
  • Scientists, censors, and scapegoats
  • When a bishop plays public-health bureaucrat
  • Get more in Phil Lawler’s great book!