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Preacher at Vatican Lenten Retreat: face the truths about ourselves

February 25, 2015

Reflecting on the example of the prophet Elijah, the preacher at the Vatican Lenten Retreat called upon Pope Francis and the leaders of the Roman Curia to let “the deepest truth about ourselves come out in the open.”

Father Bruno Secondin, the Carmelite priest who is leading the spiritual exercises, cautioned against a superficial approach to religious worship, or an approach guided by statistical analysis. Real worship is audacious, he said, reminding the congregation that Elijah was called out of “hiding” to serve God.

Speaking about Elijah’s execution of the prophets of Baal, Father Secondin encouraged the Vatican leaders to recall: “We too burned people; we have killed.” He said that such aggression can take place without visible violence: “Sometimes the keyboard kills more than the sword.”

The preacher said that the Church “must not hide our scandals,” and said that by recognizing past errors and offenses, Church leaders can assist in the healing of the victims.


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