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Pope Francis on the Family

Weekly Catechesis
December 2014 - September 2015

by Pope Francis

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Book Description

From December 2014 through September 2015, Pope Francis offered an extended catechesis on the family in 28 sessions. Topics include the Holy Family, mothers, fathers, children, siblings, grandparents and the elderly, male and female, the dignity of marriage, goodness in the family, education, engagement, unemployment and poverty, illness, death, woundedness, celebrating the family, work, prayer, transmission of the faith, the family and the Christian community, and the family as the bond of nations. An appendix adds two more catecheses given while the 2015 Synod was in session, and three more in the month following the Synod, bringing the total to 33.

Table of Contents

  • Jesus Chose to Come to the World as Part of a Family
  • The Family: The Mother
  • Fatherly Responsibility and the Sense of Orphanhood in Children
  • The Importance of a Father's Presence in the Family
  • Children: A Gift from God that Opens Up the Future
  • Brother, Sister: Words Beloved to Christianity
  • We Are the Elderly
  • A Church Defying Throwaway Culture by Embracing the Young and the Elderly
  • Gift to Humanity, Remind Us that We Need Help, Love, and Forgiveness
  • What Do the Angels of Children Tell God about Us?
  • The Complementarity between Man and Woman
  • Man and Woman, Complementary and of the Same Divine Substance
  • The Dignity of Marriage
  • The Beauty of Christian Marriage
  • Be Good to One Another
  • Education, the Natural Vocation of the Family
  • Engagement Is a Path of Preparation
  • The Family and the Downward Spiral of Poverty
  • The Family, the Closest Hospital
  • The Family Faced with Death
  • The Wounds of the Family
  • Wounded Families
  • Celebrate the Family
  • Work Gives Dignity
  • The Best Part of the Day
  • The Family, Conduit of Faith
  • We Must Revive the Alliance between the Family and the Christian Community
  • The Golden Knot
  • Appendix: Five more catecheses given during and immediately following the 2015 Synod on the Family
  • Keep Our Promises to Children
  • Fidelity to the Promise of Love
  • The Importance of Forgiveness in the Family
  • Conviviality, a Thermometer for Measuring the Health of Family Relationships
  • At the Door of Mercy