Catholic Culture Dedication
Catholic Culture Dedication

Catholic Recipe: Masa


  • 1 cup nixtamal (see linked recipe)
  • Water


Prep Time: N/A

Difficulty:  N/A

Cost:  N/A

For Ages: n/a

Origin: United States California Missions


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The Indians in New Spain taught the Spaniards and the padres how to make nixtamal and how to use it. This is the base of many mission foods as well as Mexican foods: masa, tortillas, tamales and tacos.

One of the traditional foods eaten in the California Missions; a combination of Spanish/Mexican/Native American cultures. This would be a dish to serve in honor of Junipero Serra.


Place on cup of nixtamal on a metate (the Indian grain grinder); sprinkle with water to keep it moist. With a small hand-stone, rub back and forth, over and over, until the corn kernels have formed a medium-fine dough. This is masa. Cover with a damp cloth to keep from drying.

Recipe Source: California Missions: A Complete Pictorial History and Visitor's Guide, The by Sunset Editors, Sunset Books, 1979