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Catholic Culture Liturgical Living

Catholic Prayer: Novena in Honor of Mary Help of Christians


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This novena was supplied by Salesian Father J. Sesto of the Marian Shrine in Stony Point, NY. Believers see in the Church a family that has as its Mother the Mother of God.

Each day of the Novena includes:

1. A brief meditation on the Word of God
2. A prayer of supplication
3. The recitation of a Hail Mary and Glory be to the Father
4. A closing prayer


1. Faith and the acceptance of the Word of God: Luke 1: 26-38
2. Sincere humility: Luke 1: 48
3. Active charity: Luke 1: 36-39
4. Filial love for God: Luke 2: 21, 22, 40
5. Gratitude for our gifts: Luke 1: 46-49
6. Gratitude shown in the offering at the temple: Luke 2: 22-24
7. Poverty accepted with dignity and with trust in the Lord: Luke 1: 48
2: 24 8. Prayer in the apostolic community: Acts 1:12-14
9. Mary, Mother of Jesus and our Mother: John 19: 25-27


1. O Mary, powerful help of those Christians who approach the throne of your mercy with trust! Listen to the prayers of your children who invoke your help to avoid sin and the occasions of sin.

2. O Mary most holy, kind and merciful mother, with your visible help you freed the Christian people from the ferocious assaults of the Muslims. Free our souls from the attacks of the devil, the world, and the flesh, so that we may always overcome the enemies of our salvation.

3. Most powerful Queen of heaven, you triumphed over heresies which sought to tear your children away from the Church. Come to our assistance so that we may remain steadfast in our faith and may guard the purity of our hearts in the midst of the many dangers that beset us.

4. Mary, our most amiable Mother, you are the Queen of martyrs because of the heroic courage and strength you exercised on earth. Obtain for us the strength we need to be constant in your service and always to show ourselves your devoted children in life and in death.

5. Loving Mother Mary, you showed your powerful protection in the triumph of Pope Pius VII. Spread your mantle over the Church; and protect our Shepherd, the Holy Father, from the attacks of the enemy, free him from all attacks, and assist him always as he steers the bark of St. Peter to safety.

6. Mary, Queen of the Apostles, take under your protection all the ministers and the faithful of the Catholic Church. Fill them with a burning zeal for the salvation of souls, and give special assistance to missionaries so that they may succeed to attract all souls to faith in Jesus Christ and thus form one flock under the guidance of one Shepherd.

7. Loving and merciful Mother, you saved Christians from countless misfortunes. Free us from the plague of infidelity which seeks to alienate us from the Church and religious observances by means of corrupt publications and schools and irreligious sects. Grant perseverance to the good, give strength to the weak, and move sinners to repentance, so that truth and the Kingdom of Jesus Christ may triumph in the world.

8. Mary, Pillar of the Church and Help of Christians, we beg to keep us firmly rooted in our faith and to protect in us our freedom as children of God. We promise not to stain our souls with sin and to obey our Holy Father and the Bishops in communion with him. We want to live and die in the bosom of the Church and to attain eternal salvation.

9. Most loving Mother Mary, you have always been the Help of Christians. Help us with your powerful protection in life and especially at the hour of our death, so that, after having loved and venerated you on earth, we may come to proclaim your mercy in heaven.

Closing Prayer:

Almighty and merciful Lord, in a marvelous manner you deigned to make the most holy Virgin Mary a powerful helper in defense of Christians. Grant that, having fought the good fight under her protection during our life, we may be victorious over our infernal enemy at the hour of our death. We make this prayer through Christ our Lord. Amen.